Aobo Keylogger Review for Mac: Get an Awesome Pricing

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The products of the Aobo Software Company are very essential. This company actually provides various types of keylogger tools, spy tools, and filters. The keylogger tools for Windows and for Macs of this company are very popular. If you are looking for such software which can collect the information about every keystroke given to the selected Mac computer, then you can choose the Aobo Keylogger for Mac. It has multiple versions which are available for reasonable prices.


Aobo Keylogger for Mac Review

No matter the keystrokes are provided on which program on the targeted Mac, the Aobo Keylogger for Mac can record those very efficiently. The passwords can be used for logging in to various online accounts or applications. This data recorder software of the Aobo software company has the capability to record all types of online and application passwords perfectly.

It can act not only as the data recording software but also as the monitoring software. So it can monitor which websites have been visited from the targeted device. The position of the device can be fixed very easily by tracking the IP address and this task can be done with the Aobo Keylogger. The social media chat histories can also be tracked by using this versatile product.

Basic Features of the This Product

If you want to find out which applications are going to the targeted Mac, you can take the screenshot of that device. In this case, the Aobo Keylogger will help you very much. It can take the screenshot anytime you need and it can take that with appreciable resolution so that you will be able to find the necessary information very easily. After finding out the necessary information, Aobo Keylogger can send the logs through emails. It can create and send the logs in PDF as well as HTML formats. One of the most important features of this product is it can deal with all the available versions of the Mac OS X.

Standard Version vs. Professional Version

If you choose the Standard version of the Aobo Keylogger for Mac then you will be able to install that with one click, whereas, the Professional version of the same product offers two-step installation process which the master password. The Standard version has not the log password functionality, whereas the Professional version has that functionality.

If you want to buy the Standard version for one Mac, then you have to pay $71.95 and if you buy this for 3 different computers on your home then the price will be $98.95 as per 09 September 2014. The price of the professional version is higher and you can also use this version in one computer or three different computers by paying $134.95 or $179.95 according to 09 September 2014.