Keyboard Express Coupon, Get Promo on the Macro Utility

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Coupon Details

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Keyboard Express Cash

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Keyboard Express Review

There are so many ways to use the computer more easily and quickly. You can create shortcuts to different applications on your desktop to open those easily. But what if you have to deal with large number of apps or programs? One of the most convenient ways is to use macros for those. Now you have to know what can be considered as a macro. Suppose you have set up a way by which you can complete any particular task on repeated fashion. That way can be pressing a series of keys on the keyboard. That can be considered as macros. Now you may ask how you can create those. Well, there are many recommendable tools which can help you in this. Among those the Keyboard Express can be highly recommended. Let’s take a look at the features of this impressive product.

Supports Various Symbols

For creating a macro, you can use different types of symbols and special keys. Normal text can be used very easily. You can use the words of foreign languages. The ALT, Space and Arrow keys can be used for this purpose. The impressive thing about the Keyboard Express is it can deal with more than eight hundred combinations of the hotkeys. Another great advantage is it can work with unlimited number of macro files. You can easily modify those whenever you need. For specific windows, you can use those items or those can be used for global. You may think that only one item can be opened at a time. But actually the Keyboard Express will let you open multiple items of those in parallel. Similarly you can edit several of those at the same time. Not only the hotkeys, but also the short keys can be used for the task.

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Works Very Quickly

This amazing product has the Quick Macro option which has made this tool more powerful and user friendly. For generating the desired program in the quickest possible time, this feature is very impressive. Let’s see, which task can be completed by this process. You can customize and rearrange the desktop of your computer by these. The control panel can also be managed by these. The macros created by Keyboard Express can be used for opening specific folder or file and for shutting down the whole system. These will let you open and use the web browser instantly.

Effective Scheduling Options

For playing the macros, you can use the scheduling option of the Keyboard Express. So those will automatically be played after specific minutes, hours or days. Single user license of this product is available for $29.95 as per 18 May 2015. You can also purchase this for multiple users. You have to pay $215 for 10 users. The Site license of the Keyboard Express is also available at reasonable price. You can easily get the portable version of this software.

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