Jing Promo Code, Get Discount on Screencast Software

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Coupon Details

10% discount for the TechSMith tool as cash rebate. Since additional Jing promo code is not available, hence the rebate is ideal to get the price back. Please follow the following image for details:

Jing Cash Rebate

TechSmith Jing Reviews

There should not be any doubt that the Jing is one of the best creations of TechSmith. Because this product is the perfect combination of the screen capture tool and the screencast tool. So you can easily use this innovative software of the TechSmith for sharing different contents in very little time. Some very powerful features have been added in this product and that is why it has become very efficient and user friendly. The Jing promotional code is not needed, hence we have tried to provide the discount coupon on purchase.

Benefits of the Software

This software will let you capture different things from your computer screen. Actually the videos or images or other contents opened to your computer screen can easily be captured with the help of the TechSmith Jing. You just to have to mark the windows and parts of your screen which are needed to be captured and then Jing will capture those immediately. The screenshot tool of this software is very friendly for sharing. After capturing the images of your screen, you will be able to share those to the website, blogs, and IM interfaces and to the timelines of your virtual friends. As it is a very fast software, it will not kill your time while sharing the screenshots to various places.

Now let’s consider the features of the features of the screencast tool of the TechSmith Jing. With the help of this tool you will be able to record what is running on your computer screen. But that does not mean it will record all parts of the screens only. You can select the areas from where you want to record the videos and then the Techmith Jing will record the videos from those areas only. So the recorded video files will be of minimum in size. It will capture the videos and save those in SWF format which is very friendly for sharing. You can record the videos for maximum five minutes. Similar to the Screenshot tool of this product, the screencast tool is very friendly for sharing the recorded contents of the websites and social media. HTML embedded codes for the recorded videos can be created by this software and after creating those, you will be able to post those directly to the websites and various types of blogs.

Who can use This Product

This product can be needed by anyone. Mainly the persons who need to share their little videos and other contents instantly on the web to express different thoughts can use the TechSmith Jing. The attractive thing about this product is you will be able to use this product without any difficulty. But, undoubtedly, the most important and attractive thing about Jing is it is free of cost. So you don’t have to spend a penny to use this useful product of the TechSmith Company.

If we get any Jing promo code, we will update accordingly. But as for the moment, please get above discount offer as mentioned.