Jihosoft PDF Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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Normally we have to deal with various types of document files each day. But undoubtedly the most commonly used format is Portable Document Format or PDF. Normally for restricting the printing or copying, strong passwords can be applied in those. Those can be user or admin passwords. On the other hand, various tools are there to remove those restrictions.

Jihosoft PDF Review

Jihosoft has provided such tool which is available with both the PC and Mac versions. That tool is the PDF Password Remover. In this post, I have discussed this product as much as I can.

Pricing of Both Licenses

Pricing of both these edition is very much impressive. You can compare the costs of these with the features later to understand why these are amazing. The Windows version of Jihosoft PDF Password Remover can be purchased for only $19.95. The Mac Edition price is little higher but still, that is not beyond assumed level. According to the date when this review has been created, the cost for that edition is only $29.95 only. Additional 3.95 USD should be paid as the fee of download protection. You can also order the backup CD for each of the version of PDF Password Remover. Including shipping cost, the total backup CD price will be 6.95 USD only.

Fast and Strong Software

This software has the intuitive user interface which can be handled very easily. Normally the decryption process of this type of tools is not very easy to handle. But in the case of PDF Password Remover of Jihosoft, that function is very much easy. You don’t have to go through several steps for removing the password of any PDF file. Just after launching this software, you have to import the file and then decrypt the file with ease.

This product will save your time a lot and for doing so it has the batch encryption function. So the user doesn’t have to choose each of the files manually all the time. Another very good feature is, the Jihosoft PDF Password Remover is a standalone tool. It does not require the Adobe Reader or other document reader file to remove the passwords. PDF files of any languages are supported by this fabulous software.

Multi-Mode Decryption Facility

This software is not like those which can remove only the user passwords of the documents. It has the capability to deal with both the user and admin passwords. PDF Password Remover has the multi-mode remover programs. It can directly remove the password from the targeted PDF files by one operation. It also can provide such environment where the original code should be inserted to remove that one. Normally, for the encryption of the files, two types of security programs are widely used. Those are the AES and RC4 security. The Jihosoft PDF Password Remover has the capability to work with both of those.