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Coupon Details

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Get Discount for Jet Profiler for MySQL

Jet Profiler for MySQL Reviews

Jet Profiler is a special type of tool to identify the performance of the database server from MySQL. It applies the query profiling feature to diagnosis the database server. It allows some essential and effective features. These features are mentioned in the following discussion. Also check above Jet Profiler discount price for purchase. As mentioned, this applies for both editions. The coupon for Jet Profiler for MySQL applies nicely during checkout, so just get it during purchase.

Graphical Representation

The data used in the MySQL database can be collected and displayed by using the real time diagrams. User can simply navigate with those data files and documents.

Performance of user, query and table:  The task of Jet Profiler is mainly determined on the tables, queries and users. It ensures the info that is needed mostly to fix up the performance problem occurred in the user’s code. Besides the most frequently used tables, queries can be identified by this software.

Working System: Jet Profiler for MySQL in 2017 acts as a desktop application. When any user wants to record the information of the performance category, it will then connect to the specified server to MySQL. Then it will manage all the performance metrics from the database server after a sequential time period. After that process this information is stored to analyze in the internal database server of this application. After processing the analyzed information it will be displayed just like a GUI where the users can make an overview of different views and aspects. You  can analyze and view the performance of the tables and other info from the database server. Besides the timing view is very effective to display the performance variation over time. It will also provide the feedback depending on each performance.

MySQL Command

Jet Profiler 2015 allows the system of various MySQL commands to provide various explanations based on the information. These commands are:

Process list: This command is mainly used to display the snapshot of any thread. Under every thread, user can username, source IP, query, time etc.

Open Tables: This command is very effective for previewing the used tables in the database.

Besides, this desktop application allows more effective features to analyze the performance of the MySQL database.

Jet Profiler for MySQL Pricing an Coupon Code

So get Jet Profiler for MySQL coupon on purchase. The tool is little expensive but compared to its features, the price shouldn’t be much higher.  Professional edition costs $499 whereas Enterprise edition will charge $799. There are some little difference in the functionality of both editions, so check those before purchasing the right one as per your need. With the discount coupon mentioned above, price should come down to reasonable.