Jar2Exe Java Redistribute Solution Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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Several solutions are there to make the executable files from the Java programs. One of those is the Jar2Exe. Several advanced features have made this product such powerful. It can make the Java programs executable in Windows, Mac, and Linux. So you don’t have to purchase separate tools for several platforms. For protecting and enhancing the programs, this tools is very much impressive. It is very difficult to describe all the features of it. Main parts of the feature list have been described here.


Jar2Exe – Very Impressive Java Redistribute Solution

For the generated binary executive files, JRE is very much important. This tool has the capability to find the necessary JRE with its own. It can even search the local bundled directories to find those. Sun and IBM JRE, JAVA_HOME, and JRE_HOME will also be searched by the Jar2Exe.

Before executing the files, very much needed thing is to check the Java version. It will automatically detect those. You will be allowed to use icons for the generated binary files. For any of these, you can use one or more icons with ease. Messaging to the customers should be set finely. That is why the Jar2Exe provides customizable messaging facilities. Not only for the errors, but also for the other reasons, the messages can be sent.

Three Types of Licenses

Most of the similar types of tools are very much costly. That is why all types of users cannot afford the money for those. But you can easily afford the cost of this product. The personal base license of this product can be purchased only by $14.95. A better option for you can be the Personal License which can generate the Linux and Mac OS executable files. Whereas, the Base License will only let you generate the executable files for Windows.

Hence the Personal edition of the Jar2Exe has been offered for 29.95 USD according to this post writing time. Each of these licenses can be installed on 2 different computers. If you want to use this large number of PCs, then the Jar2Exe Standard Plan of this should be purchased. The cost for this one is $145.00 only. It is actually for larger workgroups or companies.

Some Advanced Facilities

Among various advanced features, the security feature is very important. It can restrict the temporary files being created while the program will run. All the resource files will be strongly protected by this solution. It will make the programs such protected that nobody will be able to extract those.

The Jar2Exe is one of those solutions which can run as command line tools. So will enjoy using that mode along with the wizard mode. Splash mode support is another great advantage of this solution. On the taskbar, the Jar2Exe can show the tray icon. That is why it has become more useful.