iSCSI Cake Review: Get a Cool Pricing

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There can be various types of iSCSI targets and one of the most popular items of those is the iSCSI cake. First of all, it should be understood that what the meaning of iSCSI is. Actually, it means Internet Small Computer System Interface. It can be used for sending the data to the various destination using the LANs and WANs.

iSCSI Cake Review

The iSCSI Cake, on the other hand, a reliable windows base target tool for this system. It has various features to impress the users. The main features and specifications of this product have been highlighted in this post.

High Performance & Protection

Performance of the iSCSI Cake will impress you a lot. For enhancing the performance, this product has the two types of cache for server and clients. So you don’t have to worry about the IO efficiency. Very strong COW protection has made the iSCSI Cake secured. That is why the unauthorized clients won’t get the data you send or receive. It is not necessary to install the software to each and every client anymore. This product has one of the easiest maintenance and updating systems. Port forwarding and ISO support are the other two features this product offers.

The Compatibility Issues

It can be seen that various similar types of tools are not compatible with multiple platforms. Even some products of high prices also have these problems. The price of the iSCSI Cake is only $199 as per this post creation time. It can work with the iSCSI clients on various platforms like Windows, Solaris, and Linux. It is perfectly compatible with the Windows operating system. It can work with the XP, Vista and other older versions of this OS. And of course, it is compatible with all the new versions of it. No matter the platform is of 32bit or 64bit, it can be run perfectly on that.

Very Impressive Interface

The user interface of any kind of software or tool is very important to be monitored. The iSCSI Cake has a fabulous interface which will let you handle the clients very easily. For adding new clients, this product provides two systems. In case of the default system, the new clients will be added automatically. On the other hand, you can do this with your own by changing the setting. It will give you the power to remove any client for several reasons. Sometimes some initiators may use more bandwidth than the allowed range. From the iSCSI Cake interface, they can be removed instantly. Sometimes the entire iSCSI disk may be needed to be removed. In those cases, this product will be very helpful. By using the Start Service and Stop Service options, you can easily handle the active period of this product.