IPower Review : Get an Attractive Pricing for Web Hosting

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IPower is the company which offers various types of web hosting as well as the blog hosting and that is why this company has achieved high popularity to the website owners of different parts of the world. In this article, the packages and features of the website and blog hosting of the IPower Company have been discussed. If you are the owner of normal websites, business websites or the WordPress sites, then you can choose the IPower hosting without any confusion.


Review of the Facilities Offered by the IPower

Different types of hosting solutions are needed for different types of websites. This is the reason why the IPower Company provides three different plans of web hosting for three main types of websites. The Starter plan of this company is for those websites which are few and for the use of little number of users or small blogs. Though the disk space included with this package is only 5 GB but the monthly bandwidth is not too little and actually it is 250 GB.

Only one domain and one MySQL database are supported by the Starter Plan. The website builder tools will be provided to you when you will buy this plan on the web hosting of the IPower Company. Actually the website builder tools are available with all the plans of web hosting on this company.  Similarly 1 GB cloud storage is available with each of the plans on IPower web hosting.

Web Hosting of This Company

Larger plan than the Starter plan is the Pro plan which will let you use as much bandwidth and disk space as you want for your websites. Most importantly, this plan is for unlimited number of domains also. With the Pro plan on the web hosting of the IPower Company you will get one personalized domain. 2.5 thousand POP3 email accounts are included with this plan.

The richest plan for the web hosting of this company is the Pro Plus plan with which 3 different personalized domains are offered. Unlimited number of POP3 email accounts are the main attraction of the Pro Plus plan on IPower Web Hosting.

Different Plans of IPower Blog Hosting

The blog hosting of this company is actually the WordPress hosting. If you are a WordPress user then you can choose any of the two plans of the blog hosting of the IPower Company. The WP Starter plan is for the standard WordPress sites. After purchasing this type of hosting, you don’t have to buy additional themes and plug-ins for your WordPress because high quality themes and plug-ins are included with this plan.

The WP Essential plan is provided by the IPower Company for the professional WordPress sites. When you will be the client of this type of hosting, your website will be loaded very quickly and that will be highly secured. Like the WP Starter plan, the Essential plan also includes themes and plug-ins and very useful control panel.