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There should be no doubt that the WordPress provides one of the easiest ways for creating different types of websites. Most attractive things about the WordPress is you will be able to install themes to convert the sites into what you are looking for. Many companies have been formed to provide premium and free WordPress themes and AppThemes is one of the best companies among those.

This company provides only 6 premium themes, but all those themes are high quality and uniqueness. The Idea theme is a product of AppThemes and we have discussed about the features of this product of AppThemes.

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Highlights of the Ideas Theme

If you need to open such website which will help to communicate with the customers of your company then you can use the Idea theme of the AppThemes. By using this theme you will be able to allow the customers to post their reviews, comments or ideas about the products of your company. Then you will be able to make the products and facilities of your company better and customer friendly. So this theme can be very useful for the productivity of your company.

Why to use This Theme

By using the built in tools of this theme, you can allow the users and customers to provide their ideas about your company. But it is not necessary to post all the ideas directly to your site all the time. You can customize the ideas from the admin panel before posting. If you want to utilize any idea given by any customer, then you can check the acceptance of that idea among the other customers and users by activating the like option or rating option to your site.

For the voting system, you can add extra columns to the page of your website. This theme will help you to reset the votes of the ideas easily. This theme will also help you active the email notification system to your website. Threaded comments are also supported by this theme.

Features and Benefits of the Ideas Theme

One of the most attractive features of this theme is it will allow you to add as many categories to your website as you want. That is why the customers will be able to post their comments and ideas to the exact categories. They will also be able to find the ideas easily from those categories.

Another important feature is it has the built in sort and filter tool. You will be able to filter or sort the ideas of your website by different ways by using that built in tool. Like all the other products on the AppThemes, you will be able to use this theme for unlimited number of websites. It has different color schemes and you can use those to enhance the beauties of your websites.