IcoFX Coupon: Get Discount Home, Business & Site Plan

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Coupon Details

Get 15% rebate as IcoFX discount with above link. To avail this, just click above link and purchase any license. Then apply for the rebate (details mentioned here) which will be provided as alternative to IcoFX coupon.

IcoFX Coupon

Create Beautiful Icons and Cursors by IcoFX

Though most of the people use the predefined icons, but there can be many reasons why you may need to create custom icons. You don’t have to worry about creating icons because those can be created very easily in little time with the help of the IcoFX which is a very popular icon creating software of the world. For affordable prices, very important features and perfect image adjustment tools, IcoFX can be a great option for you. So get the IcoFX discount when purchase. The coupon will be provided as cash rebate mentioned.

Useful Interface for Creating Icons

Customizable user interface is one of the main advantages of the IcoFX. So you can decorate your interface according to your necessities. Predefined workspaces have been added to the multilingual interface of this tool and that is why you will be able to complete several tasks very quickly with it. It is very efficient to deal with the small images for the icon creation. Important thing is it has the one click building system with which you can create the icons with just one click. To create the icons and cursors, you can use any of your favorite images. IcoFX can edit the Mac icons as well as the Windows icons very easily. Capturing tool is another good feature of this software and with that, you can capture any selected part of your computer screen.

How to get IcoFX coupon: The process of getting IcoFX with discount and coupon is mentioned above. So please check it when purchase.

Image Adjustment Tools and Effects

30+ tools have been added to IcoFX for selecting and editing the images. Selection tools are of various shapes like rectangular, elliptical, etc. and various types of brash, fill etc. tools are added here as the painting tools. Normal eraser and color eraser can be used for erasing any part of the image or the colors of different parts. IcoFX also provides some measuring tools. With the help of the Image adjustment tools you can change the brightness, levels of colors and other properties of the images. You can reshape and replace the parts of the images very easily. A large number of effects have been added to IcoFX and you can create your own effects also for making the icons.

Various Licenses and Prices

Each of the three available licenses of the IcoFX is very attractive. The Home License can be Purchased by only $29.99 for each user and the user of this license will be able to import and export different images for creating various types of icons. They will also be able to edit the existing icons with their own style. The price of the Business License of this product is $49.99 for every user. It has some additional features like the capability to create the icons for the iPhones and Android Phones and the batch processing functionality. The icons created by this can be used for the business purposes. You can also use the IcoFX for websites and for each website you have to pay $499.99 and the main advantage of this license is it will let different users to use IcoFX at the same time with a single license.

The IcoFX coupon should be get when purchasing Home, Business as well as Site license. So just get the discount when purchase.