iCafeMenu Review: Get an Exclusive Pricing

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In this modern days, the most valuable thing in the world is time. We buy several products, software and devices to save more time. Suppose you are the owner of an internet cafe. The main target of yours will be handling the client computers with ease.

iCafeMenu Review

There can be different ways to handle those. But perhaps the most effective ways is to take help from the iCafeMenu. This product can be used for updating all the games automatically to all the computers. Some other features of this software are:

Highly Efficient Tool

The iCafeMenu provides both server and client. The game update server of this product should be integrated with the internet cafe server. On the other hand, the client PCs should be integrated with the client server. Both these are full of all the important features. For making your internet cafe attractive to the users, those features will be helpful. For example, iCafeMenu provides the game-saving facility to the client computers. The gaming progress of each of the users can be saved by this. That is why they will be able to play from the resumed part when they will log in again. There are various diskless boot solutions and one of those is the CCBoot. This software can perfectly work with the CCBoot and all other diskless boot solutions. Similarly, it is compatible for dealing with different kinds of virtual disk solution like iSCSI Cake.

Amazing Pricing Options

Monthly and yearly pricing options have been offered for the iCafeMenu. Both the options are attractive. If you choose the first one, the monthly cost will be $20 only. But the yearly subscription plan is even more amazing. You can enjoy 15% discount for paying the cost for one year at a time. One of the main attractions of this license is it supports an unlimited number of users. You can easily install the iCafeMenu to your server. One thing should be kept in mind that, one license cannot be used on multiple servers at the same time. The control panel of this product is very much easy to use. After logging in to the control panel, you can easily update the games perfectly.

Automatic & Time Saving

If anyone wants to control his internet café with the help of operators, much of this money should be spent. Various repetitive tasks should be done by the operators. These tasks can be done automatically with the help of the iCafeMenu. So not only the money but also much time will be saved by this software. Multi-server synchronization facility is another big advantage of this product. It will help you perfectly for deploying various new games. The updater tool of iCafeMenu is very much powerful. It can deal with the new game list, synchronize that between various servers and update the games very quickly.