iBackup Extractor Review: Get an Amazing Pricing

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Normally we accidentally delete important contacts and files from the iPhones. Even the most careful person can make the mistakes. And sometimes the phone or iPad can be lost from any of us. In those case, we may lose the important data and files. The lost data can be extracted from the iTunes Backup.

iBackup Extractor Review

But for doing so, it is very important to use reliable extractor tool. I can recommend you the iBackup Extractor because of top quality features and high efficiency of this product. This one is a successful tool of the WideAngleSoftware Company. Features of this product are:

Very Easy to Use

When you will choose any recovery or extractor tool, you must consider how easy that tool is. The iBackup Extractor is impressive in this particular consideration. The user just has to choose the type of data he wants to recover. From the iTunes Backup, this product can copy the selected type of data to the computer. Though this is mainly the extractor software, it can also create new backups of the devices like iPhone and iPad. So you don’t have to purchase extra software for creating and restoring the backups. iBackup Extractor has the trial version which can deal with only 20 items. To deal with unlimited contents, the licensed edition should be purchased.

Attractive Price for All

The pricing of the iBackup Extractor has been set finely to make this product affordable for everybody. Mainly the WideAngleSoftware Company provides the applications for Windows PCs. But for this product, this company has offered both the Windows and Mac versions. Each of these tools can be purchased by $24.99. I have mentioned this pricing according to 28 October 2015. Actually, this is the one-time fee for the iBackup Extractor. No additional cost should be charged for the updates and no yearly fee will be applied. Another good thing is the support staff of this company is really good. If this product cannot satisfy in 30 days, support staff will refund your money.

Deal with Various Data

The iBackup Extractor is such extractor solution which can deal with all types of data. Just like the other similar types of tool, it can recover the photos, contacts, and SMS. But this product can do more. The lost notes and calendars can also be retrieved by this from the iTunes Backup. For extracting the instant messages from WhatsApp and iMessage, this tool is very efficient. Even the MMS and voice messages can also be recovered by this. There are few tools which can recover the application data. But the iBackup Extractor can do this task with ease. After losing the phone you don’t have to purchase another to retrieve the data. You can get those to your computer without problems.