HTMLPad Web Development Tool Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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Normally the web designers use separate editing tools for working the HTML codes, JavaScript and the CSS codes. If you are one of them, then you must spend so much of your money to buy those editing tools. But there are some editing tools which can be considered as the all in all tools because those can work with all those tree types of coding languages.


HTMLPad as Excellent Web Development Tool

If you want to purchase such tool, then you can consider the HTMLPad which is very popular product of the Blumentals. You can choose this all in one tool because so many web developers all over the world use this product for their works. Some special features of HTMLPad are:

Advanced Coding Features

If you are a smart web developer then you may love to work with the modern editions of the HTML and CSS. As the HTMLPad has been specially created for the modern coding languages, it will let you work with the HTML5 and CSS3 without any problem. You may know that there are so many powerful tools related to the HTML and all of those have been included in the HTMLPad.

Some of those tools are the HTML inspector, HTML tidy etc. Syntax highlighting facility are also very important when you will do your web development tasks. This product of the Blumentals brand will let you use the tools for the syntax highlighting. Autocomplete tools have been added in this product for working with the JavaScript more easily.

Some Additional Advantages

This product not only has various types of advanced coding features, but also some additional features which will help you to choose this instead of the other code editors. Multi browser preview facility is one of the most attractive features of the HTMLPad. For this feature, you will be able to view your work in browser mode in the middle of your web developing work.

Various types of code templates and necessary shortcuts have been added in this product so that you will be able to re-use the same codes or same portion whenever you need. This code editor will suggest you different types of important suggestion which will enhance your coding experience.

System Requirements and Price

Actually Blumentals has created this web development related product for the Windows computers. So if you are a PC user then you can purchase this product. No matter you use the Windows 8, which is the new version of this OS, or you use the Windows XP, which is very old version of it, you will be able to install and use the HTMLPad. The one-time fee of this all in all code editor is only $35.95 as of 21 October 2014. But before purchasing, you can download and use the free trial edition of for achieving the experiences.