Highwire All in One Online Solution Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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Undoubtedly the online stores have achieved huge acceptances all over the world to the internet users and that is why so many people are now thinking about opening different types of online stores and ecommerce sites. If you are one of them and looking for such source from where you can find all the elements of the online stores, then the Highwire can be a good choice for you. Here we have discussed about the advantages offered by this company and the popular themes of it.


The Products and Features of Highwire

The Highwire can work with various types of products. It will let you use different colors and specifications for each of the products. You can include as many products to your online store as you want. There will be no difficulty while adding the products because the product manager tools offered by this company are very much easier to handle. You can also add multiple photos to each of the uploaded products. You can add various categories for the online stores, so that the customers can find out their products more easily. In those customizable categories you can add unlimited products.

Payment Gateway of The Product

Another very important, probably the most important, thing about any type of online stores it the payment gateways. Highwire will let you integrate all the popular payment gateways to your websites very easily. You will be allowed to use various languages, designs and colors for making your website more customer friendly.

Some of Most Popular Themes

Highwire not only provides premium themes, but also offers some very attractive free themes for creating online stores. One of the most popular premium themes of it is the Baby by Slam theme which will let you create an online shopping site for the children’s products like dresses, daily needs etc. It has impressive colorful designs.

This theme can be integrated with the Google fronts and various types of social media. Its price is only $50 according to 8 October 2014. Another popular theme of Highwire is the Food Store Theme. If you want to create the websites for your first food shop or restaurant then you can use this beautiful theme. Though this theme will make your store very simple that will look very professional. You can purchase it by $50.

Make Me Yours is such theme which can be used for creating any type of online store and it is one of the best themes of Highwire. It is easily customizable and it can be purchased with $60 as of October 8, 2014. Full-Screen Black is a stunning product of this company. It will let you use large size images for your products. To get this, you have to pay only $55. Some free themes of Highwire are Home, Suit Up, Ricardo, Slate etc.