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Get 15% off discount on purchasing any of the following Handy Backup license. This discount will be provided through cash rebate only and will be paid by PayPal. (Please see the image for instructions on claiming)

Handy Backup Professional

Handy Backup Standard

Handy Backup Small Server

Handy Backup Network

Handy Backup Server Network

Handy Backup Coupon

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Handy Backup Reviews

Nowadays we all are using computers in our home or office or both. Many of us rely on different types of servers. No matter, we use computers or servers, it is very important to use backup and recovery solution for those. The fact of the matter is, there are so many products available to help you in this case. But some of those are highly reliable. Handy Backup is very impressive one which has various editions. These versions are for home and business computers as well as servers and networks.

There are Handy Backup discount available as mentioned. So have the promo on the purchase. Some of the popular editions of this backup solutions have been discussed in this post.

Amazing Standard Edition

Just like all the other editions of the Handy Backup, this one is also compatible with Windows 10 and other versions. Automatic backup system has made this product very impressive. Effective scheduling engine automates the backup system. Top level security will be provided to the stored files. Similarly, this product has provided one of the finest ways of restoring the files. No matter how the files have been erased from the computers, those can easily be restored. It does not matter what is the type of data. That means it actually can create backups of everything. Specific file or the entire folders can be stored with this. Not only the pictures, multimedia files and documents but also the emails and IMS can be saved by the Handy Backup. Another important thing is the location of storing the data. This product will let you save the data to internal drivers or external drives like DVDs. Even you can also store the data to cloud servers. As per the date of making this post, the price of the Standard version is only $39.

Powerful Professional Version

All the features of the previous edition are also included in this product. But the Professional edition of Handy Backup has some advantages. The partition backup facilities of this product are very impressive. It also supports several options for the data storage. It can use the FTP, SFTP and FTPS as the storage for the data. Remote restoration systems from the workstation as well as server data have made this product more powerful. For these amazing features, the price of this version of Handy Backup is 99 USD.

Handy Backup Small Server Discount

For the network workstations and servers, this product has offered the centralized backup facility. This powerful version can be enjoyed by only $249 without a discount coupon. As the backup source it supports various servers like MS Exchange and SQL servers. It can also deal with Oracle and DB2 backups. This version of Handy Backup has the disaster recovery for the USB Drives. It is compatible with Windows 2003, 2008 and 2012 servers. All the version of Windows OS is supported by this also.

So just gather the Handy Backup discount and have the coupon pricing on purchase.