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Coupon Details

Get 15% discount in the form of rebate for purchasing any plan: Basic, Pro, Business and any other plan. This Drip coupon will be provided on 1st spend. Just click above link, balance process is mentioned here:

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Drip Email Marketing Automation

Most of the cases, it can be seen that the email marketing tools or other similar solutions are very heavy. Thos cannot be handled very quickly and easily. That is why those cannot bring maximum productivity though those are very powerful. So it will be best for you to choose something which is very efficient but lightweight. I can recommend you the Drip. This fabulous email marketing suite will offer you all the things that you may look for. In this review, the features and license pricing of this product have been mentioned. Moreover, there is Drip discount mentioned in the beginning, so get this promo for Basic, Pro as well as Business package.

Captures & Tags Subscribers

One of the main features of this software is it offers the easiest way to capture new subscribers. For this reason, it will collect the email addresses very efficiently. You may have seen the chat windows in various websites. Those widgets actually have been used for recording your email addresses. You can do so with the Drip (or Getdrip) to every page of your websites. You can easily include several forms to those sites by loading the HTML files of those. You don’t have to deal with the coding anywhere because the forms will be available to you in the public hosted edition. When you will use popup, you have to set the time of opening that very nicely. When the visitors will intend to exit the web page will see the popups. That means more attention will be grown in their mind.

In the forms you can use various tags and custom fields. So you can collect names, contact numbers and other information about the visitors very easily. Similarly, you can send the emails to the subscribers initiating them with their names and other tags.

Drip Discount

Effective Tracking Systems

No matter what type of marketing campaign you run, you have to track the performance of that. The Drip will let you do so. Suppose you are dealing with huge numbers of subscribers. You may send emails to them with lots of contents. All of them will not be engaged with what you offer at the same rate. Drip will help you to find which subscribers were more engaged and show you with the lead scores. Various filtering options have been included so that you can detect and organize the best leads. The conversion rates can be found out by this software automatically. At the same time, this marketing solution will also let you know the activities of the visitors in your websites.

Pricing and Discount

Different types of licenses have made the Drip friendly for all sorts of users. The Basic, Pro and Business plans are about 2.5 thousand, 5 thousand, 12.5 thousand subscribers. According to this post writing time, the monthly prices of these packs are $49, $99 and $149 without coupon code. You can also get the license, according to your necessity from the Drip team. No matter which one you will purchase, the email auto-responding can be done for unlimited times.

So get Drip discount above and have coupon price on purchasing email marketing automation software here.