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Genie Timeline Home 2015

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Coupon for Genie Timeline

Genie Timeline Highlights and Discount Coupon

Genie9 is actually the software company which provides various types of products which are useful for creating backups of the files of the computers. If you want such a product which can work continuously for creating backups then you can choose the Genie Timeline which is very much easy to use. The Genie9 Software Company provides two different editions for this product and one of these editions can be used in the Home computers, whereas, the other one can be used in the business computers. There is also discount price available. This could be avail in Home edition and other 2 editions as well. The Genie Timeline coupon could be applied as mentioned above.

Features of the Timeline Home

This product is very much easy to use and you just need to follow three steps to create the backups of the selected files or all the files of the computer. As it provides the timeline of the backup histories, you will be able to get back to any time of that timeline for restoring different types of backups. The Genie Timeline Home will let you remove or replace the backups very easily. One of the most attractive features of this product is it will let you restore the deleted files anytime you need. You will be able to get the information about the version of the backup files. Different types of files and folders will be marked with specific icons so that you will be able to understand the types of those.

Another very important feature of this product of the Genie9 is it will let you set the backup frequency which will be the indication of the automatic backup schedule for the Genie Timeline Home. By maintaining the frequency, it will let automatically create and store the backups very efficiently. Now the considerable thing can be what types of data are supported by the Genie Timeline Home. In this case, this product will impress you because it can create backups of the various types of documents, media files, photos etc. So get Genie Timeline home discount while purchasing this solution.

Main Features of Professional Edition

All the features of the Home are available in the Genie Timeline Professional edition also. But some additional features have made this product stronger than the Home edition. It offers strong security of the backup files. Encrypted drives can be backed up by the Genie Timeline Pro and it provides encryption facilities to the backup files. The recovery facilities of this product are also very stronger because it will let you create the frequency for the disaster recovery process. You will also be allowed to set the date based backup system. It is the fact that the backup system needs much time to be completed and you may have not enough time always. That is why the Genie Timeline Professional offers an attractive feature and that is it can shut down the computer automatically when the backup process will be finished.

So get Genie Timeline discount for the editions. It includes Genie Timeline Home 2015, Pro as well as Timeline Server. The promotional coupon enables the reduced price, so just get it here.