G-Lock Email Processor with Exclusive Discount Coupon

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Coupon Details

Get G-Lock Email Processor discount when purchase. Press above button, copy 20% off code and at the same time click on the link there which will take into the cart. Then apply the coupon code to have the price off.

G-Lock Email Processor Discount

Save Your Time with G-Lock Email Processor

If you know about the G-Lock Software Company then you must know that this company provides very important tools. Among all the products, the Email Processor can be considered as very much unique type of software. As it can process thousands of incoming emails perfectly, it will save plenty of time of yours. To process the emails, this software has various types of tools and programs. When discussing about G-Lock Email Processor discount, here are some main capabilities and features of this product:

Automatic Processing System

The Email Processor software does not require permission to check the email inboxes. It will go to your account after every specific interval and detect the emails needed for the processed. Its email processing tasks will be done in the background of your computer system. So you will not face any problem due to the operations of this software. It can work with the mails which are stored in local folders and also those on the network folder. G-Lock Email Processor is so powerful that it can process the bounced messages also. You may think how much time in a day this automatic software will work. The satisfactory news for you is it will do its task without taking any rest.

How to get the discount coupon: The process of getting this is mentioned is mentioned already. Just have the promotion price with the code.

Powerful Saving Features

Very important part of email processing is to save the emails perfectly. This important task will be done nicely by this product of the G-Lock Software Company. This software can save the data of the mails to the databases. Before saving there, it can also complete the necessary conversions. You may like to have those data to any single file. Email Processor is capable of doing so. Actually, this is a very important feature for two reasons. One is, you will not lose any data even if the emails have been deleted from your account. And another is, you don’t have to be ashamed of asking the email senders to resend the messages again. There can be different types of attachments with the incoming emails. Normally you may spend much time for downloading and saving those attachments. But the Email Processor will automatically store those to a specific folder or disk. The zip attachments will be unzipped by it perfectly before saving. So you will get your files ready to exact location. This software can also integrate the email data with the MS Outlook.

Auto Replying Capability

The Email Processor software also has an auto-responder tool which will send replies to the incoming emails automatically.  So you don’t have to buy extra auto-responder tool by paying more. Another important thing about this product is it will provide you a detailed report about its tasks in PDF format. You can try this software free for 1 month. The original price of it is $295 as of 6 December 2014 and G-Lock Email Processor coupon code, you can get the benefit of 30% off. For using it for fast month, you have to pay only $99 which with the discount coupon will certainly be reduced.