G-Lock Analytics Pricing: Get an Amazing Review

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Sending the emails is not the only target of the top senders. They do another job and that is observing the performance of their campaign. If you want to be like them then you should do so. But for doing this task you have to use high-quality email campaign tracking software or service.

G-Lock Analytics Review

G-Lock Analytics can be recommended for this task. This is actually very much powerful tracking service which can provide you what you need in quickest possible time.

Exact Truth Finder

The G-Lock Analytics will find out some brutal truths that will be helpful for your campaign. The subscribers who read your messages can be found by this. Even how much time each of them spends to read your emails can also be detected. The sent items can be printed or forwarded to others.

G-Lock Analytics can also find out the number of printing and forwarding. Another very important thing is, this tracking solution will not tell you to wait so much time for getting the result. For its real-time reporting system, you will see the result whenever you want.

Email Client Detection

G-Lock Analytics has a unique feature and that is the email client detection. It will actually inform about the application with which the sent emails have been opened by the subscribers. If you know this info then you can easily decide which type of template you have to use. Otherwise, you have to cost more for the templates. Most of the subscribers may read the emails between specific times.

G-Lock Analytics will find out that time and then you can send the messages during that period. That is how you can get maximum attention from them. This service will let you know which recipients are the most active and which are not. Unsubscribe list management tool for this is also very much impressive.

Packages You Look For

G-Lock Analytics is not the only email campaign tracking service of the world. There are so many others. But you will see that all of those do not offer affordable packages for the mail senders. But the G-Lock Analytics does so. There are four different plans are waiting for your signing up. The Basic Plan is available for only $25/month. This one is for 10 thousand subscribers. The monthly price of the Pro plan is only $49 according to this post writing time.

If your target is 25 thousand subscribers, then you can choose this. The Premium pack is available for $99 monthly price and it is for 75 thousand subscribers. You can choose the Marketing package if your target is an unlimited number of subscribers. For enjoying this service, you have to pay $199 for each month. Each of these packs is for unlimited campaigns. So you don’t have to worry about the number of campaigns you run.