Freehostia Hosting Solution Review, Get an Amazing Pricing

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There are very few companies in this world which offer premium hosting solutions also, with some free hosting plans. Freehostia is one of the most popular hosting providers among those companies. Though the free hosting solution offered by this company is very little, but is enough for smaller private websites. This company offers very attractive premium hosting solutions. Not only that, but different types of dedicated and virtual private servers are offered by the Freehostia Company also.


Overview of the Services of the Freehostia

This company offers various types of web hosting solutions. Maximum 90 GB disk space can be achieved after buying the package of the web hosting plan offered by the Freehostia Company. Chocolate is the lowest package on the web hosting of this company and this package offers 0.25 GB disk space with 6 GB monthly bandwidth and 15 subdomains.

On the other hand, the largest package for the web hosting of the Freehotia Company is the Supernatural. If you think that you need to use large disk space and bandwidth per month, then you can choose the Supernatural package which offers 90 GB disk space and 900 GB bandwidth with an unlimited number of domains and sub-domains.

Different Servers offered by This Company

Like many other hosting provider companies of the world, the Freehostia also offers various types of servers with the hosting solutions. The Dedicated Servers are one the main servers provided by this company. If you buy any dedicated server then you will be the only person who will use that server. So you will get maximum security and facilities from that server.

The Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific are the three plans offered by the Freehostia Company for the dedicated servers. 10 to 12 TB monthly traffic can be achieved by choosing the plans of this type of servers. With all the plans of the dedicated servers, you will get 3 different dedicated IP addresses and most importantly, you will be allowed to use an unlimited number of hosted domains. The Freehostia Company also offers semi-dedicated servers with different price plans.

Different Hosting Facilities

The Freehostia provides various types of virtual private servers which can be managed very easily with the help of operating systems. After purchasing such server, you will not be charged for setting up that very easily. Like the dedicated servers of this company, there are also three different price plans for the virtual private servers. 1 dedicated IP address is available with each of the VPS.

Three different plans are the Fiber, Cyber, and Hyper. The first one includes 10 GB disk space, whereas, the other two packages offer 20 GB and 45 GB disk space respectively. 2 GB, 1.5 GB, and 2 GB RAMs are available with those plans for the virtual private servers respectively.