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All the software companies are not the same because all of those do not provide same type of products. There are some companies which provide some innovative but very useful products. Markzware can be considered as such company without any doubt. This software company offers some file or data converter tools and plugins mainly.

FlightCheck of Markzware

Highlights of the FlightCheck of Markzware

FlightCheck is a different type of product of Markzware and this application actually has the capability to find out the errors from different types of files before printing. So it can be a good choice for using in personal as well as official purposes.

Main Features and Benefits of This Application

Error free printing is desired in all cases. In some cases, you must ensure that there is no fault or mistake in the printed files. Markzware FlightCheck will be very helpful for saving your valuable time and money because if you use this application, then it will check any type of document for finding the mistakes. So with the help of this tool, you will be able to create and print perfect advertisements, catalogues, and forms, etc.

It can also check any file to find out the errors in image resolution and color problems. It can also mark the unwanted spots to the images or graphics. This application will ensure that the transparency of any document is constant in all the areas and most importantly it can detect the font mistakes.

Now the considering thing is it can deal with, which types of documents or files. It can find the mistakes from any types of PDF files. The files and images created by the Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress and etc. can be checked by the Markzware FlightCheck.

One of the most attractive things about this product is you can use the free trial version of it for 30 days. After using the free version, if you become satisfied, you will be able to upgrade that to licensed version very easily. Markzware offers this product for using in the Macs only. If you want to get the desired output from the Markzware FlightCheck then there should be 4 GB RAM in your Mac. The process of installing this product to the Mac is very easy and so that anybody can install and use this tool to the Macs.

Packages for This Product of Markzware

Markzware offers three different packages for this product. You can buy the FlightCheck Subscription for 1 year or 3 year validity considering your necessity. The most attractive package of the FlightCheck is the Perpetual Subscription. If you buy this license of the FlightCheck then you will be able to use this product for an unlimited time. When any new document format will be released, Markzware will let you update this product so that it can deal with that new format.