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All the products of each software company cannot achieve the popularity of the same level. But almost all the products of very few software companies can be considered as popular. Escan is such company which offers some standard protection tools for home and office uses. The products of this company have achieved popularity all over the world because all of those are full of very attractive features. So before buying any protection software from any of your devices, you can consider the products of Escan. Some most popular products of this company are:


Details of Some Products of the Escan

Undoubtedly, Windows is one of the most popular operating systems of the world. But if you are a Windows user then you must use strong antivirus for your PC. Escan Antivirus for Windows can be one of the best choices for the Windows users. Escan has included very friendly user interface to this product and that is why no matter you are an experienced PC user or totally novice, you will be able to control the operations of Escan Antivirus by using that easy interface.

For the faster operations, the whitelisting technology has been used in this software. Like all the other strongest antivirus of different companies, Escan Antivirus also uses the real time protection engine to stop all types of malwares and spywares instantly. This strong antivirus can work against the all types of PC threats and the hacking attempts. Annoying notifications will be blocked by it and that is why you will get very friendly environment on your PC for gaming and working.

Escan Internet Security Suite

Have you ever monitored that there are many spams in your email inbox? To stay away from those spams, you have to use very much efficient anti-spam tool or internet security software which has built in anti-spam program. The Escan Internet Security Suite is such tool which has all the features of the Escan Antivirus and also a strong anti-spam tool. If you use this software to your PC, then it will provide you the anti-phishing program which is very useful for blocking the malicious programs. It also has the capability to protect your PC from the infections of USB drives.

Escan Antivirus Security for Mac

Escan has created this useful protection tool for the Macs. It can protect the Macs from all types of malwares. Like the Antivirus for Windows, this product of Escan can also stop the viruses, rootkits, Trojans and other threats. You can use the parental control program of this software to monitor and control the online activities of your children.

Important thing about this protection software is it can execute all the operations without making any harm to the system performance. So if you use this to your Mac then it will protect that device from all types of threats and ensure the highest performance of that.