ESC AdPoster Pricing: Get an Exclusive Review

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Ads are very much important for marketing and product promoting. Nowadays specialists and businessmen are posting the ads of their products and services to different sites. Various types of ads posting and managing tools have been offered. If you want to submit the classified ads, you can choose a reliable one among all of those.

ESC AdPoster Review

ESC AdPoster is a completely reliable tool for this purpose. This is not like those products which offer only a few features. It offers everything you may look for. Here is the summary of those impressive features.

Automatic and Manual Modes

One of the biggest advantages of this software is it has both automatic and manual modes of posting the ads. In automatic mode, you have to create your contents very nicely with texts and all other information. You can also set the board and region. After that, you just have to click on the “start” button. ESC AdPoster will perfectly submit those to each and every classified sites that are found in the database. For doing all these tasks, this product will need a very small amount of time. You will be allowed to see the full statistics of ads posting. Automatic mode is not completely error-free. A very small error can happen. But you can minimize these errors by executing the manual or semi-automatic mode. This mode will show you the preview before submitting the ads. You can check those manually and then click on the “ON” button to the ESC AdPoster. After this, the ads will be submitted to the desired sites.

Some Additional Features

This tool also has some additional features which have made this more powerful. For example, it has the CAPTCHA solving capability. This type of testing is applied to several sites for keeping away the spams. ESC AdPoster will compete for these queries while submitting the ads. You have to be sure about the ads have been published or not to the desired location. This product will send you this confirmation notification to your email address. It also has the built-in text generator tool which will help you for many purposes. And it can deal with almost all the classified websites.

ESC AdPoster Pricing

When this post was written, the price of this product was only $98. You can also purchase this with coupon. For this case, you have to pay $115 in total. Separately the coupon can be bought for $19. No refund policy is offered for the ESC AdPoster. But you cannot take this as a disadvantage because you can use the evaluation copy of it for 15 days. If you find out what you look for, then you can purchase the license for it. When you will order and pay the price, you will get the license activation key instantly.