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Coupon Details

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EMS SQL Management Studio for MySQL Discount

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SQL Management Studio for MySQL Review

In handling the database section under any business firm or enterprise section, MySQL database is very helpful. To organize the database administration sector and the developing process in this category, the EMS tool is a perfect one solution. It holds all the functionalities to organize the database management systems, controlling over the data segments, migration process, extraction process, query building process, data export or import method and the data comparison method. All these tools are organized under this platform as a compact way. It creates such an environment for handling the database section that, the users will be able to use the needed data at any time. In the case of database administrative object controlling system, data loading system, synchronizing process can also be handled through this. Have this amazing product through our link with the coupon offer. For receiving this SQL Management Studio for MySQL discount, no extra coupon code is required.

The Features Offered

Data import or export system: To import or export the needed data from the database section to needed drive or the corresponding section, you will get some specified tool from this platform. The data export or the import process can be applied in MS Word, MS Access, PDF or other platforms.

SQL Manager for the MySQL: To maintain the simplification and the automation process of the MySQL database developing process, this section is a needed one. In this case, you will get the term of designing, exploring, maintaining the existing database section. Besides, the query building process can be applied with the proper statements. To manipulate the data, some defined tools and the functions are available here.

Data generation: The data generation process is an effective term under any database management tools and this process is performed in an automatic way. To generate the test data from the MySQL database section under the testing case, this tool is very supportive. Many types of parameters are available here to organize this task.

Other tools of EMS SQL Management Studio: The DB comparison method is a needed term under this. In this category, you will get the option of comparing the needed data under various tables. The synchronizing system is also included here. To extract the data for MySQL, it issues some specified tools. To enable this process, the data backup process is valid here. Then, the term of the query building process will be appeared and it is maintained here sequentially.

Packages, Prices and Coupon

EMS SQL Management Studio issues the products by depending on two categories which are Business section and noncommercial case. To get the Business package for a single year maintenance system, you will need to pay only $468 excluding the discount. For noncommercial section, you have to purchase the package with $234 which includes a single year maintenance system.

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