Employee Desktop Live Viewer Review, Get a Cool Pricing

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As a responsible owner of the business organization or office manager, you must monitor what your employees are doing during the working hours. You can be betrayed by an employee of your organization any time and it will be a very smart decision if you use the computer monitoring software to monitor the computer activities of your employees. Employee Desktop Live Viewer can be the software you are looking for to monitor all the activities done on the client computers. This software has so many powerful features for which you can rely on it without any tension.

Employee desktop live viewer

Highlights of Employee Desktop Live Viewer

The Employee Desktop Live Viewer is not the only software which can be used for monitoring the client computers. But most of the similar types of products cannot be used to monitor a large number of computers at the same time. But the Employee Desktop Live Viewer can easily be used to monitor so many client computers very easily. Some software can work with the domain based network and some of those can be used in the Workgroups.

The Employee Desktop Live Viewer is very advanced because this product can work with both those types of networks. For every computer monitoring software or spy tool, it is a most considerable thing is how silently that software can work. If you choose this product, then you will be impressed by it because this product can work very silently. So the employees will not be able to know that their activities are being monitored.

Key Features and Benefits of This Software

Another considerable thing about the monitoring software is it can be used for recording the online as well as offline activities of the employees. After recording the activities, the Employee Desktop Live Viewer will provide you the report in AVI format. As the owner, you a may need to change the wallpaper of all the computers of your organization or make different changes to those devices. If you have this software then you can use this product to make those little changes. This is one of those computer monitoring tools which can be used with the Windows 8 Server.

Requirements to use This Innovative Software

To use this computer monitoring tool, you must have a server computer. Server computers are such computers which are connected to several other computers called the client computers. From that server computer, you will be able to monitor the activities done from the client computers. To handle this powerful software, you must need at least 128 MB RAM. If you use a higher quality RAM, then this software will run more finely.

This product will take little space in the hard disk of the computer. No need to worry about the operating system for using this product because the Employee Desktop Live Viewer can work with all the editions of the Windows operating system.