Eleven2 Review : Get a Cool Pricing for Hosting Facilities

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Eleven2 is a very popular company which offers various types of hosting facilities. There are some reasons behind the success of this company. One of those is they offer the iPhone app which can be used for managing the hosting from the iPhones. This company offers very good support to the customers for all the problems they may face. Eleven2 will provide very high quality and friendly control panel. You will be able to manage everything about the hosting services and domains with the help of the control panel. Let’s see about the hosting services of the Eleven2.


Features and Overview of the Eleven2

The website hosting must be used for making any types of websites accessible from all areas of the worlds. Most of the hosting providing companies offer the web hosting services. But the web hosting of the Eleven2 Company is very impressive. Most importantly, you will be able to get the web hosting from this company by monthly payment, yearly payment and for multiple years payment at a time.

No matter which payment method is chosen, you will be able to get minimum 10 GB to maximum 999,999 GB storage space and minimum 50 GB to maximum 999,999 GB bandwidth. With each package of the Web hosting, Eleven2 offers, the site builder and software installer tools.

Reseller Hosting Facilities

You can act as the third party to sell the allowed bandwidth and storage space to provide hosting to other clients. And to do that, you can get the reseller hosting from the Eleven2 Company. Just like the Web hosting of the same company, you can get the reseller hosting for different price plans and validity. 100 GB to 500 GB storage space can be bought from this company for reseller hosting. The offered bandwidths are also very attractive. By choosing different packages, you will be able to achieve 1000 GB to 4000 GB bandwidth. Unlimited resold accounts are available with reseller hosting from this company.

VPS and Dedicated Servers

The Eleven2 Company also offers the VPS (Virtual Private Servers) and the dedicated servers. The virtual private servers are suitable if you want to control the entire server very easily with the help of any of the operating systems. The VPS of this company offers the important email accounts, FTPs, and unlimited sub-domains. 120 GB to 360 GB storage and 1 TB to 3 TB bandwidth are available with the different packages of the VPS of Eleven2. SSD caching has been used for the VPS of this popular company.

Fully managed dedicated servers are also the main attractions of the Eleven2. This company offers four different packages of the dedicated servers. If you want to leas you allowed the level of spaces and bandwidths to your clients, then you can choose any of the dedicated servers of this company.