Edraw Max: Buy with Coupon Code & Discount 2017

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Coupon Details

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Edraw Max Coupon Code

Summary of the Edraw Max Pro

Various types of tools and solutions have been offered by the EdrawSoft Company. All the products of this company are very much essential. One of the best creations of this company is the Edraw Max Pro. This software will help you to create professional looking flow charts or block diagrams. All the elements to create such things have been included in this software. EdrawSoft offers multiple licenses for this software. With the Edraw Max discount, you can purchase any of these according to your necessity. This will enable the special coupon code price during purchase. The major features and advantages of this product are:

Ensures Better Visualization

This software will help you to show your creativity very nicely. You can create any types of design by using it the lines, shapes and text boxes have been added to this product. You can use those to create the flow charts. When you will create the block diagram for delivering you class lectures, several clip arts may be helpful for you. That is why, this software of the EdrawSoft offers huge collection of clip arts. Similarly, various effects of this software will help you to make your charts look more attractive. When you will create charts for the business presentation, such effects will help you very much. The built in examples of this software will be very helpful for you also. In many cases, we cannot understand what types of charts should be created. In those cases, the examples will help perfectly. The working speed of Edraw Max Pro is very appreciable. In just minutes, you can make completely professional looking flow charts by using this software. To show your creativity, you can import various visual files in your page.

Stunning User Interface

For this powerful software, user interface is very important to consider. The good news for the customers is, Edraw Max Pro has a very helpful user interface. That is actually almost like the interface of the Microsoft Office. So you will face no problem at all to handle this beautiful product. You can use this product directly from your Office, Excel and PowerPoint. Because of its one click solution, you don’t have to minimize those apps to use this software. No drawing experience is required for using Edraw Max Pro.

Edraw Max Licenses & Coupon

As we said earlier, multiple licenses are available for this product. One of those is the Standard License which has 1 year validity. You can buy this license by only 99.95 USD and when using the Edraw Max coupon code, you will get 20% discount. According to December 7, 2015, the Price of the Lifetime License of the Edraw Max Pro is only $149.5. 30 days money back guarantee is available with both the licenses. This Windows program is suitable for working with all the versions of the Windows Operating System. Only 512 MB Ram is enough for running the tool perfectly. So have the coupon code for the cool Edraw Max tool.