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Smartphones are now the hotcakes to the young generations. The reasons behind this huge popularity are the smartphones are very much user friendly and flexible. But as everything has advantages and cons, the smartphones have opened the windows for everybody to get addicted to the internet and do harmful things very easily. That is why it is very important to spy on the smartphones of your home as well as office. Several companies provide different types of spy software programs. ILF Mobile Apps Corporation has created the Easy Spy Pro which is one of the most efficient spy software for the mobile phones.

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Why to Choose Easy Spy Pro Software

This strong spy software can be used for spying on the mobile phones remotely and silently. The user of the targeted phone will never be able to understand that this software is installed or working on his device. Most important things about this software is it is very easy to install and it takes only a few minutes to be installed. Once it is installed on a mobile phone, it will help you to monitor that phone from anywhere in this world. This phone software will keep the record of the incoming and outgoing phone calls and messages on the targeted phone with all the details of those like the contact number, contents and time.

Other Features and Benefits of This Software

The GPS tracking system of this software is very much strong and by using this system, Easy Spy Pro will provide you the information about the current location of the phone. So you will be able to know that where your kids or employees go. Like the phone calls and messages, this software can also keep the record of the sent and received emails. Checking the browser histories is very important if you want to monitor the online activities of your children.

Easy Spy Pro phone software will help you monitors the website name and addresses which are visited from the targeted phones. This software is such strong that it will show you the videos as well as images captured on the mobile phones. Even it will show you when those videos and images were captured. Call recording program of this software is very efficient. This software can record the conversation, made from the targeted phone, by using the built in recorder program. You will be able to activate the spy microphone with the help of the Easy Spy Pro.

License Period and Supported Phones

To get this software, you have to pay a one-time-fee and then you will be allowed to use this for a lifetime. Most important things about this software is it can work with different phone operating systems like the iOS and Android and that is why you will be able to use this perfectly in most of the latest handsets of all the phone companies.