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Coupon Details

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Easy Macro Recorder Coupon

Easy Macro Recorder Review

For the Windows platform, Easy Macro Recorder acts as a utility based tool. Through this, you will be able to automate the repetitive process on the computers. It performs the task to record all the available operations performed by keystrokes and mouse. After completing the recording process, the saving process is also performed as macros. After managing this task, it manages the task to play back the corresponding recorded macros in order to automate the task at any specific time. Through Easy Macro Recorder, you can simply create the new micros. After that, the available micros can be edited also simply through this. Have the product at a much affordable price with the coupon and discount. Please note that, no other Easy Macro Recorder coupon code is required here.

Running activities of this

Almost in all the Windows applications, Easy Macro Recorder can run its activities. Here an additional macro editor system is available to edit the existing macros in a custom way. It mainly offers two steps. These are: recording process and the playback system. You won’t need to apply any programming language to manage this software program.

Available features issued here

Easy Macro Recorder fulfills some fundamental features. These are:

Easy Macro Recorder is mainly afforded for the Windows platform. In all versions of Windows OS, it can run its activities fluently. The required system configuration is not so high while using this. This is very simple and user friendly to use. The macro editor system inside this allows the users to handle the macro creation process in a manual mode. It affords the effective scanning process. Through this scanning mood, the recording process of the mouse strokes can be handled without any error. Then, the users will get an option to choose any specific speed of the macros to manage the playback process. The repeating process of the playback macros can be allowed here for any specific number of times. Here, you can assign the play back based macros at the scheduled timing process. The macro editor can be controlled here with various command moods. To ensure the commanding moods, some supportive options are provided here.

Limitation and Pricing Condition and Coupon

Easy Macro Recorder holds some limitations. Here, the users won’t be able to assign the hotkeys for running the individual macro. After that, the mouse movement and the keystrokes are mainly based off coordinates while eliminating the screen or program recognition. After that, you can’t record the movement or the keystrokes at the time of mouse scroll.

Price: For the unit of 2-9, you will be asked only $22 for each unit without the coupon being included here. In case of 10-24 units, you need to pay only $17/unit. If you want to get 25-49 units, then you will have to provide $14/unit. In getting 100-199 units, only $9/unit is needed to pay. For unlimited units, $6/unit is needed.

So, get the Easy Macro Recorder coupon as per the procedure mentioned above. We hope this discount comes in handy for you.