Eassos Recovery Software Review : Get an Amazing Pricing

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It cannot be said that there are too many products of the Eassos brand. But the quality of the products should be considered instead of the quantity. Each of those is very easy to use, but shows very powerful performance. The Eassos Recovery of is a very impressive solution for this company. From the PC hard drive, this product can recover various types of files and data. You can ask why anyone should purchase this tool where so many of them are available. Actually, I have made this post for giving this answer.

Eassos Recovery

Restore Deleted Files using Eassos Recovery

Most of the data restore solutions have two or three recovery modes. But the Eassos Recovery provides five different power modes. By using those modes, you will be able to restore the files which have been deleted for several reasons.

First of all, it has the restore mode for getting back the deleted files. Even from empty recycle bin, it can bring back all the deleted data. Another mode is for recovering the data from the formatted partition. Sometimes, any of the partitions can be inaccessible. This mode will let you get and access the files from those. For the wrongly created partitions, several data can be lost. The entire disk can be corrupted also.

Eassos Recovery offers the restore files from disk mode to finding out those data from the disks. Lost partition recovery is another useful feature of this software. Entire partition table can be loaded back by this process. This product can also load the erased files and data from the virtual disks.

Impressive License Pricing

Most of the products of this company are available with multiple licenses. The Eassos Recovery has two types of licenses. Both of those can be used for personal purposes. Suppose, you want to recover very important data once from your computer. In this case, the 30-Day License of this product can be purchased. The price of this one is only $39.95 as of 5 November 2015.

This one can also be chosen if you are working with several files for your project for one month. But perhaps the best option is to purchase the Permanent License of Eassos Recovery by $69.95. This one will provide you all the features for unlimited time. From the technical team, you will get proper support if you face any problem when using this recovery solution.

Completely Flexible Software

This product will provide you one of the most reliable recovery results. You can see the preview of each of the documents, images, and videos before storing. It supports almost all types of virtual disks. For doing that task, it has the partition table of both the MBR and GUID types. Eassos Recovery can undelete the files from the external disks such as flash disks and memory cards.