Dynamic.com Review, Get an Amazing Pricing for Hosting

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When you will visit the website named dynamic.com then you will find the products and services offered by this company. The shared web hosting is one of the best services provided there in dynamic.com. The important thing is both the Windows shared hosting and Linux shared web hosting are offered there. Similarly, there you will find the dedicated servers and virtual private servers which can also be controlled by the Windows or Linux operating system. Here we have found out the summary of the hosting solutions and servers provided by this company.


Summary of the Dynamic.com Hosting and Servers

No matter you choose the Windows shared web hosting or the Linux shared web hosting of the dynamic.com, you will get some similar types of features. For example, you will get very useful personal control panel to control everything about the hosting and the websites. Free email accounts will be provided to you with the shared hosting of this company. Like all the other most popular hosting solutions for different companies, if you choose the hosting of this company then you will not be charged for the set up of the hosting facilities with the targeted websites.

You may worry about the traffic and analytics tools because normally those should be bought. But if you purchase the shared web hosting from the dynamic.com then you will get those tools completely free of costs. In the dynamic.com website, you will find three different plans for the shared hosting and those plans are the Value, Business and Enterprise.

Dedicated Servers Offered by This Company

Not only the Windows dedicated servers, but also the Linux dedicated servers are available to the dynamic.com website. Two most important features of those servers are, those are fully customizable and daily backup facilities are added to those servers. So, if you choose any of the dedicated servers offered on dynamic.com, you will not lose any of your web content. The control panels of those servers are really very powerful and easy to use.

Among the three packages of the dedicated servers of this company, the Aluminum package is the lightest which is available with 4 GB RAM and 80 GB disk space. The Silver dedicated servers of this company also includes 4 GB RAM, but this plan includes 146 GB disk space. You will get 8 GB RAM with 300 GB disk space if you buy the Platinum Dedicated Servers.

Virtual Servers of This Company

If you love to maintain your server with the help of Linux or Windows operating system more easily than you can choose the Virtual Servers offered in the dynamic.com. Just like the dedicated servers of the same company, the virtual servers are also fully customizable and include the daily backup facilities. The plans are also the same, but you will be able to get maximum 160 GB space by purchasing the Platinum Virtual Server.