Dreampress Pricing: Get a Cool Review

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All the hosting providing companies have different products and services. There a large number of providers of shared and dedicated hosting facilities. But the lesser number of companies offer managed to host service for WordPress. DreamHost is one of those very few companies.

Dreampress Review

DreamPress 2 is one of the best products of this company. The WordPress users will get just what they want from this product. To be fact, you can barely found better than this product in this price range. The major features of this solution are:

Proper Storage and RAM

For any kind of hosting facilities, the size of storage is very important. With the DreamPress 2, you will get 30GB storage. Top quality SSD drives have been used for providing such storage facility. Another huge facility of this product is the auto-scaling RAM. That means according to the resources and contents of the website, the RAM Size will be selected automatically. Before choosing any type of hosting, you have to consider how many visitors it can deal with. Fact is, you will be amazed to know that, DreamPress can deal with 2.1 million visitors in each month. Exact similarly, this WordPress hosting solution also supports unlimited emails.

Better Than Shared Hosting

In case of shared web hosting, several users share the same server. That is why the website can become slow. But the DreamPress will let not let the visitors of your website face such problem. An isolated server will be used for the hosting of that site. So nothing will disrupt that. Now you may be thinking about the situation when the server will go on maintenance. Actually, DreamHost will offer isolated MySQL Server in that case. So your WordPress site will never get offline. The advanced control panel of DreamPress will work in parallel with the WordPress web panel. So you will be able to control your account and site with ease. While using this service, you can use any kind of themes and plugins on your website.

Affordable Pricing Options

If you want to purchase the DreamPress for one year, then just $239.40 should be paid. That means the monthly cost for you will only be USD 19.95. As compared to the Monthly Plan of the same product, Yearly License is more cost-effective. But the Monthly Plan is not bad at all. In that case, you just have to pay 24.95 USD. Here I have mentioned the pricing according to the date of writing this review. With the DreamPress, you can also create integrate the control panel add-ons. SSL certificates can be used by additional 15 USD yearly cost. You can also purchase additional IP address for 5.95 USD/month. When you will get this hosting product, there will be one included IP address. This product supports SFTP/FTP access and MySQL database.