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There should be no doubt that the Windows is the most popular operating system of the world of computers, though the popularities of the Mac OS and the Linux OS are also high. Nowadays the Android phones have become the attractions of the people all over the world. Suppose you have all these types of devices and need to buy protection tools for these devices. If you buy a separate tool for each device, then you have to spend more money.

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Why to Choose the Dr.Web Security Space

It will be better for you to buy such software which can be used for the protection of all these computers and mobile phones. In this case you can choose the Dr.Web Security Space which is one of the most popular products of the Dr.Web brand.

Features for the Windows PCs

This software will work with maximum efficiency and versatility then you will use this in the Windows computers. First of all it will act as the strong antivirus which has the cloud based protection engine. For that strong virus detection engine, Dr.Web Security Space has the capability to detect the common PC viruses as well as those viruses which are completely new and unknown types of.

You may not know that some types of viruses can get into the RAM of the PC and those viruses cannot be detected by the normal quality antivirus because those threats never stays as independent files. Dr.Web Security Space will detect those very efficiently. This software will scan the traffic for eliminating the unwanted traffics. You may have seen that the spams get into your email inbox regularly and these infected emails can cause serious harms.

Dr.Web has a built-in anti-spam tool which can eliminate all types of infected emails from the email inbox. Another great advantage of this product of Dr.Web is the parental control which is very efficient for monitoring the online activities of the children. URL filter of this software will help you to keep your PC away from those websites which has various types of malicious programs.

Features for the Devices of Other Operating Systems

We have discussed about the features of the antivirus tool of Dr.Web Security Space. This software will provide those features when you will use this to other computers like the Mac computers and Linux computers. Normally we use our e-banking accounts for online shopping, bill payments and other purposes. The cyber criminals and the malicious apps can record the details of such bank accounts.

When you will use Dr. Web Security Space for protecting the mobile phones, it will provide such a program which will work against all types of malicious programs on the websites. So you don’t have to worry about your bank account details anymore. It will also secure the mobile phones from all the viruses and threats.