DidiSoft OpenPGP Library Discount and Promotion Pricing

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Coupon Details

Have relishing 15% cash back as DidiSoft discount. This cash back is available on any Didisoft OpenPGP Library software. To obtain the offer, see the DidiSoft image as follow.

DidiSoft Discount

Overview on DidiSoft

DidiSoft is an OpenPGP Library for encryption on other applications. This library software provides open based PGP encryaption on any application. One can apply several library PGP on the application with the help of this software. DidiSoft has a simple interface software to make up everything quite simple and easy. You won’t face difficulties using this software as it is built on simple and easy design. The software has the simplest API interface design which will save money and time to add Open PGP encryption into your application. DidiSoft library contains .NET Framework, Java, Android, Silverlight, Windows Phone, Win 8RT, Xamarin, MS SQL Sever, T-SQL etc. This library software contains all the contents to generate keys for OpenPGP and digital signatures. This software does a huge work of several developers in just a simple easy way. Get this stress relieving product with the discount coupon offer.

Products of DidiSoft OpenPGP Library

Basically the DidiSoft is an OpenPGP library. This library contains several products as like as library for Java, Android etc. Actually DidiSoft has 6 products in its library functions. Those products are library for .NET, Library for Java, Library for Android, library for OraRSA, Library for OraPGP, MsSQLPGP. These are the products of that software. Now let’s take a short brief on each of the products. The first product OpenPGP library for .NET is made for encryption, Description, Clear signing, One Pass sign and encryption, key generation etc. programs. This product doesn’t depend on any external third party as all the codes are written fully. Another popular product of DidiSoft is OpenPGP Library for Java.  This is a pure Java library for cryptography development.

This library is a perfect solution for OpenPGP solution in Java and this library saved a lot of time of the developers. You can add OpenPGP cryptography with some simple fewer line of codes. For android application they have a particular library to save the time for the developers. The library is encoded with world class, but same as Java library, but for the android applications. The library contains OpenPGP for the latest version of the Android. This saves 3x time than normal coding for Android application development. For SQL or PL DidiSoft has OraPGP. This is a standard functionality of OpenPGP encryption.

Didisoft OpenPGP Library

More Features

Basically, this is for the Oracle database platform. Encoded with a huge amount of SQL command. This packages are full of database commands to operate a database program fully without any further coding added. Same as the OraPGP they have a kind of similar product called OraRSA. This is also a SQL package, but providing functionality for RSA cryptography. This package is also compatible with Oracle Database Platform. This package has full of RSA both public and private keys. Another product of DidiSoft is MsSQLPGP. This is for MS/SQL server dataset. This package provides Open Cryptography functions as defined OpenPGP standard. Get hold of the products of DidiSoft at a reasonable price with the DidiSoft coupon.

Pricing and Discount for the Products

The DidiSoft DidiSoft OpenPGP Library products are firstly needed to be licensed than paying an annual fee to use. For .NET Library license will cost $399 and annually $99, for premium of this package it would be $1790 and annually $399 without the discount. All the products would cost same as each.

The coupon will give you theDidiSoft OpenPGP Library softwares at a pretty cheap rate. Take the advantage and some money on this product with the DidiSoft discount in 2016.