Dedicated Solutions Review: Get an Exclusive Pricing

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To get various types of servers you have to rely on one provider. There can be various providers which can be recommended to you. But among those, the Dedicated Solutions can be highly suggested for its plenty of products. Each of the servers offered by this is available with various plans and affordable prices.

Dedicated Solutions Review

They also offer custom plans for several products. Let’s see some of the products and services of Dedicated Solutions:

Private Cloud Server

Various types of cloud servers are offered by the Dedicated Solutions. One of those is the Private VPS Cloud. Instant Deployment is a great advantage of this product. The GUI of it will impress you a lot. You will be able to manage your server very easily with that. Migration from node to node is another feature of it. You can purchase this by paying $397 for each month. Private Cloud Pro is another product of the Dedicated Solution. All the features of the previous product are available in this one too. It also has the Live Migration offer. The VM migration can be done between the nodes very easily. Enterprise SAN is included in this product. You can purchase this for $1399 monthly price.

Amazing Dedicated Servers

This product of the Dedicated Solutions has come with several important features and plans. The network associated with this is very much speedy and efficient. Unlimited bandwidth is one of the best advantages of it. The datacenters of it are situated in multiple locations so that the servers will be kept responsive. Another advantage of the data centers of this product of Dedicated Servers is Fiber connection. Suppose you want to get Server 823 for $69. You will get a 500GB hard disk and 12GB RAM with this. The associated port of it is 1Gbps. Other plans for the Dedicated Servers are also amazing.

Top Class Managed Services

The Dedicated Solutions offers the Managed Services at a cheap price. Several plans for this product are available. For example, if you choose the Silver Plan then you will get the remote reboot and OS installation features. Both the Reactive and Proactive monitoring facilities are offered with this one. The ticket response time for it is only 2 hours. As of 19 June 2015, the monthly price of this one is only $39.95. The Gold Plan offers more features with all those of the Silver.

The most important feature of it is it offers managed control panel. Its response time is also lesser that is only 1 hours. To get this you have to pay monthly $59.95. The Platinum Plan can be purchased for $99.95 monthly fee. The response time for this one is only 30 minutes. It offers all the standard features. Additionally, it has the application support.