dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server Coupon and Discount

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dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server

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dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server Coupon

dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server Review

Devart is the software company which is different than the other companies. This company does not offer plenty of products like the others. But the products of this brand are very useful and unique. You may be looking for such tool which will let you find the comparison among databases on the SQL Server. Devart offers the dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server for this task. You can rely on this because of its powerful features and amazing flexibility. Pricing of this is also a reason why you can choose it. Besides, for your kind information, we have lessened the price of this product to a further extent by introducing the coupon offer. In this short review, I have tried to focus on all the major things of this product. Let’s take a look at those:

Very Advanced Synchronization

All types of schema objects can be synchronized by the dbForge Schema Compare and it can also sync some of the non-schema objects. Those are the object security permissions, extended properties and the database properties. This product is very much useful for generating various scripts. Generation of schema only backups can be done by this product. It can also create the error logs and status logs. dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server supports the command line for exporting the schema and for doing so, it can maintain the schedule. It offers all the necessary tools for analyzing the comparison results. Get the advanced synchronization service by getting the tool with the dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server discount.

Editions, Pricing and Coupon

Considering the necessities of different kinds of users, two editions are offered for this product. You can purchase the dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server Standard edition by 149.95 USD. Native SQL Server backup service has not included in this product and it does not offer the command line interface either. But you can get this for all the basic features. With the advanced features, you can buy the dbForge Schema Compare Professional edition. As per 20 February 2016, price of this edition is only 229.95 USD excluding the coupon. It has the capability to provide all the necessary professional tricks for comparing the databases of SQL Server. Simplified management will also be ensured by this product.

Deals with Different Contents

The dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server is the tool for comparing different things. The custom mapped tables can be compared by this product very easily. At the same time various types of backup files of SQL Server can also be compared by it. No matter what is the version of the SQL server, this product will deal with the backup files of that. For all the versions of the SQL server, snapshots can be generated. You can compare those snapshots with the help of the dbForge Schema Compare. Now let’s take a look at some schema objects which are supported by this tool. Actually, it supports all the objects. Some of those are partition function, certificate, remote service binding, and symmetric keys etc.

Purchase the nice tool with our dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server coupon. The discount on dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server will hopefully allow you to purchase the product within your budget.