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Cyberlink ColorDirector Tool Review

This product of Cyberlink is one of the most essential tools for creating best quality videos. If you want to create movies or videos as a professional then you can use this software for customizing the color of any part of your video. This software provides so many important features and with the ColorDirector discount, the price of the Cyberlink tool comes much more reasonable.

Main Features of the Tool

It provides all the necessary tools for changing the brightness, contrast, white level and other color effects of the videos. That means no need to use additional tools for the purpose of editing the color. It supports the videos of any format like mp4, AVI, MPEG and even Ultra HD 4K videos. So, there is no need to worry about the format of the video.

The new version of the ColorDirector 2 will let you apply the HDR to the videos and that is why you can highlight any part of the video and also change the effects of a specific part of the video. It is seen that when a video captured from the scene where both the sky and ground levels are present, for the lights of the sun there can be some projections. By applying the HDR you can remove those shadows from your videos. For the Intelligent motion tracking facility you can use the skin tone of one part to another. This facility can be used when there is any shadow on a body due to motion.

More Advantages

The LUT conversion program will help you to use the color of a footage to the other which is captured to the similar place. While changing the color you can save the file to the director zone, which will be provided by this tool, for future use. If the video is recorded when the light was not sufficient, then there can be some noises due to variation of lights. You can remove the noises by using ColorDirector 2. You can upload the videos for customizing the colors very easily and quickly and this software can complete its operation very fast.

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HDR Tool

The HDR tool is another main advantage of this software. By applying the HDR tool you can show your full creativity by changing the effects and highlights different part of the video for the best representation.  The effects for the sun can be removed from the ground when the video is captured when any part of the video is very dark and other parts are very white.  This software provides the intelligent motion tracking tools for which you will be able to enhance the skin color of different parts of an object when that object is in motion. If it is necessary then you can apply the skin tone information of the best part of a moving object to the other parts.

A special conversion technique named the LUT conversion can be done by using Cyberlink ColorDirector 2. The main function of this conversion process is to use the color combination of any part of a scene to the other parts and even to the other frames. To remove the noises from the videos, which are recorded in insufficient lights, you can use this software very easily. You can use the edited video for the future use or editing by the other products of Cyberlink Brand.

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