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Coupon Details

Purchase CyberGhost Premium plan and Premium Plus plan with up to 50% discount when select yearly plan instead of monthly. No additional CyberGhost promotion code 2015 is required. Click the link and go the buy page, select the right plan and have the cool solution.

Cyberghost with promotional code

CyberGhost VPN Product Overview

If you want to fulfill your activities from the computer system, then you need to assure the internet system with the computer system. The internet system ensures all the corresponding activities for any type of problem. While thinking about the presence and the necessity of the internet system, CyberGhost VPN appears to us with many effective functions. It mainly acts like the proxy browsing activities. To serf all the essential activities anonymously while encrypting the data, this is one of the best platforms. While connecting to the internet system through this platform you can hide your IP address. At that time, it will replace the IP address with the server address. With getting the server address you can connect to the system.

Please make sure to get the promo code price as mentioned. No other coupon code is required for the VPN system. The discounted price for Premium and Premium Plus plan is available for yearly plan.

This prevents the activities of the hackers or the unauthorized users. Sometimes, hackers can steal your personal data and the essential information if they can get your actual IP address. Sometimes, many users try to access into the internet from the public Wi-Fi system. At that time, CyberGhost VPN enables the best security mood for the users. While using the facilities of CyberGhost VPN, you can assure the filtering process and prevents the firewall. After these processes, you can access into any type of website in a secured way. So if you like this service, get CyberGhost coupon code price from the store. The promotion applies for yearly plan only and could be get on both 1 year and 2 years plan.

The Features under CyberGhost

Installation system and main function: In the proxy category, CyberGhost VPN offers the most facilities. You can simply install this program for your PC. It offers two versions. The first one is the trial version and the second one is the premium version. With the premium version you can get more facilities than the trial version. It has covered more than 200 servers. These servers are situated almost in 17 countries across the whole world. The variety of the servers ensure the anonymous web browsing. It also ensures the fast services. If any server goes down, then you can access to the internet from other servers. Due to this facility, your connection won’t be interrupted for the long time.

Encryption System

While assuring the encrypting system, CyberGhost VPN offers two methods. In the first process, it offers 128 bit encryption system. 128-bit encryption system is not most secured for the users. But it also provides the best balance between the speed and the security system. Moreover, you can take the facility of the 256-bit encryption system. But this is allowed only for the premium version. While accessing the system, you will be requested to choose any specific server. Then you can pick up any specific one which is less crowded. While using the facility with the premium users, you won’t feel the restriction of the bandwidth. For the free services, the speed limit is up-to 1 MB.

CyberGhost Pricing and Promo Code

The pricing for premium plan is $2.91 when billed annually and premium plan is $9.61 for annual billing.

So make sure you purchase either CyberGhost Premium plan or CyberGhost Premium Plus Plan with promotional coupon. You can buy monthly subscription, 12 months or either 24 months subscription. The CyberGhost promo code is not applicable for monthly subscription though, you need to choose either 1 year or 2 years plan to get the same.