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For eliminating the problems of the websites, different tools can be used. But by hook or by crook, those problems should be solved. Otherwise, you will not get the new visitors and even the regular visitors will not visit again. For the errors in HTML, CSS or PHP, the website errors can happen.

CSE HTML Validator

CSE HTML Validator Professional Edition Review

To check those errors, powerful syntax checker tool should be used. I can recommend you the CSE HTML Validator Professional. This efficient product has so many features to describe. Some of those are:

Custom Syntax Checking

There can be various types of syntax checker tools. Then why a customer will purchase the CSE HTML Validator Professional? Actually, there are various reasons why the customers can purchase this. One of those reasons is the custom syntax checking engine. For this powerful checker, this product can deal with HTML, CSS, and XHTML very efficiently. This powerful tool can deal with batch inputs at the same time.

This product can also check the spelling, PHP Syntax, links, and accessibility. That means the Professional edition of CSE HTML Validator will ensure problem-free websites. That is why more visitors will love to visit your sites. The search engine messages are supported by this software. Sometimes, you may not need to see some messages. This tool will let you disable those messages with ease. Format checker of email addresses has been integrated into this product.

Very Attractive Pricing

Powerful features have been included in the CSE HTML Validator Professional. But compared to those features, the price of this tool is not that high. When this post was written, the price of this tool was only $129. But if you purchase, multiple licenses of it at the same time, then the unit cost will be $109 only. 30 days money refund policy has made this product very much attractive and reliable.

The Professional version of CSE HTML Validator has the configuration editor tool. It is very tough to find this feature in other products which have been offered for less price. This program will let you change the type of the messages. It can also be used for generating validation messages. Sometimes you may need to change the text of the messages. This tool will let you do that very easily.

Comparison with Other Editions

Standard and Enterprise are the other two paid editions of the CSE HTML Validator. The Professional edition is undoubtedly more powerful than the Standard version. It will let you use the customized messages as well as tags.

This product also supports the XML outputs for the messages. Batch wizard facility is another advantage of this. These three features are not available in the Standard edition. The features of the CSE HTML Validator Professional and Enterprise are almost same. The Enterprise edition has come with 1-year free upgrade priority support facilities. On the other hand, the Professional version includes free upgrades for only 180 days.