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For enhancing the productivity of the businesses, you can take help from different types of marketing tool kits. One of the main solutions can be the email marketing toolkit which will let you complete different types of email campaigns targeting various contacts. Other types of tools can also be very essential. To get all those marketing tools, you don’t have to find here and there because under the banner of the Constant Contact, Company, you will get the email marketing tool and other marketing tool in cheap price. Let’s take a look at what is offered by this company.

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Constant Contact Products Highlights

Undoubtedly, email marketing toolkit is the main product of the Constant Contact Company. If you are looking for such toolkit which will help you to create and send very attractive emails to the audiences, then the email marketing tool of this company can be a very good choice. To connect with a large number of people this tool will help you. It has the customizable templates which will let you create various types of emails with styles. You can add the photos, logos and other email contents with the help of the drag and drop tool of the Constant Contact email marketing toolkit.

This tool can import the email addresses from different types of locations like the other emails, Excel files, etc. This toolkit has the email sender program which can follow the schedules for sending the emails. It can also be used for promoting the emails to different social media like the Facebook, Twitter, etc. You will be able to monitor the results of the email marketing by using the email marketing toolkit of Constant Contact.

All Marketing Tool Package

With the email marketing tool, you can also purchase the other marketing tools from the Constant Contact Company. This package includes such tool which will help you to increase the number of the Facebook fans and that is how you can also increase the customers of your company. Sometimes, it can be very urgent for your business to create different types of coupons and in those cases you will be able to create those with the help of this package of the Constant Contact Company. The survey on the customer feedbacks can be done with the help of this product very easily.

Prices of the Products

Different types of pricing plans have been provided by the Constant Contact for the email marketing toolkit as well as for the email and more toolkit. If you want to purchase the email marketing toolkit for maximum 500 contacts, then you have to pay only $20 per month (according to 22 September 2014). All marketing toolkit can be purchased with only $45 per month for dealing with maximum 500 contacts. By choosing different plans, you will be able to work with as many contacts as you want.