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For all types of business, it is very important to get in touch with the customers. The fact is this is the time of the smartphones. People love to use various types of apps on their phones. So if you can create an app for your business then your customers will love your business more. And most importantly you can provide product info and other info very easily to them. Though in a manual process, it is very difficult to create such app, you can create that by another process.

Como Review

You can use Como which is the most popular platform for app creation. No matter what type of business you own, you can create an app for that with the help of this platform. Some of the features of Como have been described in this article.

App Customization System

You can create and customize your business app with your style by using Como. The whole look of the app is easily customizable. You can also change the functionality. The other properties like contents, icons, and layouts of the app can also be changed very easily. By using the App Simulator tool, you can watch the real-time effect for each of the changes you make. You can share the advertisements to your app to earn more profit. Various promotional and analytics tools can be used very easily. Various types of music, photos and videos can be added for sharing with the users. You can share your social media page links to them.

Let Your Business be known

You can add the About and Contact options to your business app created with the help of Como. So your customers will be able to know more about your business and they can also contact you easily. For making contact more easily with you, you can add the click to call option. The locations of the main branch and the other branches can be added. What product are offered by your business that can be included in the app? You can also share the current events and future events info there. To know what your customers think about your business you can activate review option. For engaging the users with your business, you can take help from your app. Geo-targeted messages can keep the users engaged. You can let them use the feedback option and also watch and share the photos.

Attractive Pricing Plans

You can choose any of the four pricing plans of Como to create your app. the Basic Plan is the free package which is for maximum 5 app downloads. But the most popular package is the Gold plan which is for unlimited app download. If you choose this pack then you will get two push notification in every week. It will let you create the app compatible with both the Android and iOS. According to 13 February 2015, the price of this plan is $33/month. You can also choose the Platinum Plan by $83/month. This plan contains seven push notification facility for each week. To get the app for a one-time fee you can get the Diamond Plan for $1999.