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Nowadays one of the best ways to attach with the customers is to create a business app. Large and popular businesses have their own apps where the latest info on that business are provided. So if you are a smart business holder then you can create a mobile app for your business very easily. One of the best and easiest ways is the Como.

Como Review

This platform will let you create your own app in just seconds. For its top quality features and affordable price, millions of customers love it. Conduit is very popular software Innovation Company and Como is a part of that company. So you can rely on it without tension. Here we have summarized this platform.

Give Customers More Comfort

The main target of offering the business app is to offer the customers more comfortable. You can let them watch the product list of your business very easily with the app. If you have a restaurant then you can let the customers book any table using that app. You can promote your business by offering various coupons. Your customers can buy the coupons very easily with the help of the app. That will also help the customers to order products and get the appointments. For promoting your business you can let them contact you with ease. You can provide any info or facilities of your business to them very easily.

App Management System

As the owner of the app creating with Como, you will be able to manage that without problems. You can easily customize the layouts, options, and icons of the app anytime. You will get the app simulator tool which will let you want the live changes to the app. You can publish the services or products of other companies to earn more money. The performance of the whole app can be monitored very easily with the help of the analytics tools.

Very Many Affordable Prices

Three paid packages and one free package are offered by Como. The basic plan is that free plan which can be used before choosing any of the paid packages. Suppose you do not like to go with the annual subscription package then you can choose the Diamond Plan. According to the time of writing this review, the price of this plan is $1999. If you choose the Platinum annual plan then your monthly charge will be $83. If you create your business app with this plan then that will send you weekly seven push notifications. By this plan, you will be able to create a white-label business app. Unlimited app downloads is another good feature of this plan. The most popular plan is the Gold Plan which can be purchased for $33 only. You can create such app by this plan of Como which will give weekly two push notification.