CodeGuard Coupon, Get Discount on Ninja Ronin Plan

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Coupon Details

Get $cash rebate on the Codeguard plans as an alternative of CodeGuard coupon. The following cash rebate will be provided on 1st year payment:

Ninja plan – $15

Ronin plan – $50

Please click above link and purchase. Then apply for the discount rebate as illustrated in the picture:

CodeGuard Coupon

Even high quality websites can be damaged and the contents of those can be lost. There are so many reasons for this event. Due to the large number of traffic, server problems and others the website contents can be corrupted. That is why you have to back those up for maximum protection. CodeGuard can be suggested to you for this purpose.

Cloud Website Backup with CodeGuard

Though there are so many options for web content backing up, I can suggest this product for reasons. This is totally an automated solution which can be handled very easily. Even if you have never dealt with this type of products, you will face no problem to manage CodeGuard. All the necessary and effective features have been added here. The prices have been set up such a way that everybody can buy this. Let’s discuss about the features of this amazing solution. Also make sure to check above CodeGuard discount on the selected plans. This coupon code pricing is exclusively provided here for the plan purchase.

Creates and Monitors

The CodeGuard Cloud Website Backup will not only store the data from your websites, it will also monitor those firmly. All you need to give the file transfer protocol information to this and it will connect your website easily. Then all the contents will be backup. As the owner of the website, you will be able to see the process progress anytime. Do you have an idea about how the hacking is done? Actually, some programs or malicious files have been transferred to your server storage. This will work for the hackers. For the efficient monitoring of the CodeGuard, that will not be possible. If any file or program is added to your site, that will be back up also. So you will be able to see the extra files that are not loaded by you. And then you can easily take necessary steps to save your contents from hacking.

Restores with Ease: Another huge advantage of the CodeGuard is the restoring system. This is completely based on point to point restoration. Suppose you have got hacked in one period of website backup. You can easily go back to the previous stage neglecting the newly added files. Two types of process will be offered to you. One is the automatic process and the zip restoring process. That means you can get your files back to your site directly or as a large zip file.

CodeGuard Pricing and Coupons

Suppose you have only a few websites to back up. You can purchase the Ninja Pack which comes with $5 monthly price for each website. This rate will be applicable for maximum 10 sites. But if you have more than that, then the Ronin pack of CodeGuard will be cost effective. Without coupon, its costs only $49/month. If you buy this plan, you can create backups of maximum 12 websites. Similarly the Samurai and Shogun licenses are available for $99 and $249 monthly prices, but the promo is not available here. You can get minimum 5 GB to maximum 500GB storage for storing the data. All time monitoring and automatic operations are the attractive features of all the plans.

So have above CodeGuard coupon on the purchase and get the exclusive discounted price.