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Products of the YoungzSoft are very good qualities. Uniqueness is the main thing of each and every tool it provides. Like all the other tools, the CMailServer is also an amazing one.

CMailServer Review

People who are looking for reliable webmail solution, this software can be recommended to them. So many features are offered by this one and also it is available for affordable pricing. From this post, the usefulness and uniqueness of this software can be assumed.

Seamless Internet Connection

One of the most important features of CMailServer is it can ensure seamless connection with internet. Not only it can send the emails but also email receiving can be done by this. It can actually receive and send the emails to the internet from the LAN. No matter what is the type of the website, you can set email server to that. Almost all the similar type of products can provide secured SMTP service.

And those can also offer the POP3 service. But only the high-quality email server solutions can provide the reliable webmail services. CMailServer is one of those top quality solutions. For the amazing flexibility, this product can be used by various companies and organizations.

Popular Client Software Support

There are several types of client software. Among those the Outlook Express perhaps the most popular one. Eudora is also very much popular. The CMailServer can work with these two and all the others. This product is highly user-friendly. The users will be allowed to change the user information and passwords anytime they want. As the administrator, you will get a mount of power on the users.

Enabling or disabling of the mailboxes of the users can be done by this software. You can create a new mailbox for the new users with ease. Similarly customizing the mailbox size for each of them can easily be done. CMailServer can work as the NT service. This is the product which is not for only one domain names. It can perfectly work with different numbers of domain names at a time. The user visiting records of the targeted server can be analyzed by this product also.

System Requirements & Pricing

Comparing with the powerful features, the pricing of the CMailServer impressive. As per the date of writing this post, the price of this software is only $99.00. It is compatible with all types of well-known web browsers. It actually does not require much of hardware quantities. More than 128MB RAM and the 1GB hard disk are enough for this software.

CMailServer is perfect for working with Windows platform. It actually is compatible with Windows 2003, XP and 2000 versions. For running this software, IIS installation is very much necessary. This task can be done very easily from the control panel.