CloudBerry Explorer Discount: Special Coupon Offer

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Coupon Details

Get a remarkable cash back of 15% on CloudBerry Explorer upon following two simple steps. Firstly, purchase it through the redeem link above. Secondly, abide by the guideline given in the picture below to receive the CloudBerry Explorer discount.

This 15% cashback discount is providing on any Explorer license available including Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Microsoft Azure Storage and any other type.

CloudBerry Explorer Discount

For your instance, we are serving the cash back as an alternative of the coupon here due to its unavailability.

CloudBerry Explorer Products and Their Review

In our modern life, the computer system is a needed one. Without depending on the computer system, we won’t be able to manage all the needed tasks in a comfortable way. It offers us all the supportive way in the data using section. By using the products of CloudBerry Backup, we can simply store the needed data in the specific drive section. After that, we have to depend on the explorer system by which we can simply explore in the needed section. Under the CloudBerry Explorer, a lot of platforms are available. Enjoy the product features more easily with our special discount coupon offering. Simply receive this CloudBerry Explorer coupon following the above mentioned procedure.

The Products of CloudBerry Explorer

Explorer for Amazon S3: This is considered as a Windows client. It offers us a flexible user interface system to the Amazon S3 account section. After that, you can easily access, move or manage the needed files. All these files can be organized through the local storage section and the S3 buckets. The file browsing option for Amazon S3 of the CloudBerry Explorer program is supported for two versions like a Pro and Freeware. In the S3 bucket managing process, you will get the term of creating, browsing, deleting and the sharing system. Before sending the files to S3, this program offers the system of data encryption and compression. These systems ensure the balanced security system of the available data and the folders.

Explorer for the Microsoft Azure Blob Storage: This offers the simple file managing system for the cloud based security system. It offers the simple accessing method and the managing system of the files between the available PC and the cloud storage section. It also offers two versions and these are: pro and the Freeware. Under CloudBerry Explorer, you will get the term of tracking, analyzing and the debugging the needed files. After that, the proper reporting system is also offered here after issuing the proper analysis.

Explorer for the Google Cloud Storage: This solution is a helpful one by which any user can get the flexible interface system for accessing into the Google drive. It ensures the system to access into the Google storage section with the proper file managing and moving process. The proper balance of the file transmission can be gained through this solution.

Explorer for Open Stack Swift: This solution is considered as a file manager system under the cloud storage section. It provides the simplest user interface system by which any user can manage any type of file according to the user’s need.

Pricing Condition and Discount

CloudBerry Explorer can be used freely with the trial version. The trial version doesn’t hold all the functions. CloudBerry Explorer Pro includes all the needed functions and the price of this package is only $39.99 without including the discount.

So, purchase this incredible product through our link with the coupon offer if you liked the product. Hope you greatly enjoy this CloudBerry Explorer discount.