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You may know that there are various companies which offer the website hosting solutions for different types of websites. In present days, people love to open websites with the help of the Joomla and WordPress because creating websites in this manner is very easy. Review

If you are one of them who use the Joomla sites or WordPress sites and looking for the hosting solutions for those sites then you can choose the With each types of hosting solutions, this company offers so many powerful features. Some products and services of the are:

Joomla Hosting Solution with Features

There should be no doubt that the Joomla is one of the most popular CMS till now. Keeping this thing in mind, offers perfect servers for the Joomla. As those servers have been specially created for the Joomla, hence the Joomla hosting of this company is very fast comparing to those of the other companies. You can include the Compute Booster with the Joomla Hosting of this company to scale your necessities for hosting like the number of cores, memory size etc. If you add this facility to the hosting solution then you have to pay $40 per month. Cloud control panel is one of the best features of this company. Features of this control panel have been discussed later in this review. You can migrate your Joomla site into the hosting platform of if that is hosted by other hosting provider.

WordPress Hosting Solution with Features

If you consider the Joomla CMS as popular, the WordPress should be considered as the most popular CMS of the world. offers very strong hosting facility to the WordPress sites. Like the Joomla hosting solution of the same company, similar types of features have been added in this solution also. Standard quality support will be provided if you accept any WordPress Hosting plan of this company. Various tutorial contents have been offered to the website and those will inform you about how to use this solution for the WordPress sites. Just like the Joomla Hosting of the same company, there are three plans for this type of hosting and those plans are the Standard, Business and Pro plans. The prices of these plans are $9.95, $24.95 and $49.95 respectively as per 06 September 2014.

Features of the Cloud Control Panel

The cloud control panel has been offered by this company to both the Joomla and WordPress hosting solutions. With the help of this panel, you will be able to upgrade the demo websites very easily. The entire application can be backed up with the snapshot taken by this control panel. For the security of the applications, you can use the error and access logs of the cloud control panel of The control panel will also let you create the replica of one website very easily.