Clip Studio Paint Coupon: Get Promo for Ex and Pro

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Coupon Details

Get 20% Clip Studio Paint coupon with any of the following links. There are basically 2 types of license:

20% Discount – Clip Studio Paint Pro

20% Discount – Clip Studio Paint Ex

Clip Studio Paint coupon

Review of Clip Studio Paint

Are you looking for a reliable paint tool for creating Manga? Now many people may ask what the Manga is. The term Manga is used for Japanese comic character or cartoon. We all know that all our imaginary characters can be expressed as a cartoon. So it is very important to choose such tool which matches with the imagination. Perhaps, the Clip Studio Paint is one of the best solutions in this field. This paint tool has a long list of important features. So the professionals and newcomers can choose this one for their projects. All the editions of this product have been highlighted in this review. Also the promo is mentioned in above post. If you like to get this promotion, please make sure to click any of the above links, no other coupon code is needed.

Pro Edition Features

This amazing product will offer you hand drawing like experience. The pen pressure sensor of this product is highly impressive. That is why the professionals and beginners will love to use this. Various types of drawing tools have been added in the Clip Studio Paint Pro. Vector eraser and line pinching tools are also there to help you to edit the vector layers. Any 3D drawing may be needed to be placed with different angles. This software will let the users to do so. Customizable UI is another great advantage of the Clip Studio Paint. Printed version outputs can be generated by this Manga paint tool.

Advantages of Paint Ex

Basic features of the Pro version and Ex version of Clip Studio Paint are the same. But for several additional features, Clip Studio Paint Ex is much ahead of the other. You may need to deal with multiple pages for the same project. In those cases this advanced product will help you. Efficient LT conversion is perhaps the best feature of this software. By this tool, Manga like expression can be applied to any type of 3D models. Similarly, the 2D images can also be converted very easily by the Clip Studio Paint Ex. This edition has been offered for helping the printing tasks. It can export the converted file into suitable formats for printing. Even the books of several numbers of pages can also be printed by this.

Completely Affordable Pricing and Coupon

You can use any of the three available editions of the Clip Studio Paint. But the Debut edition is for the newcomers and it offers only a few basic features. That means you have to purchase any of other two editions. The Pro Edition will let you enjoy the standard features and many beautiful Manga Characters can be drawn with this. Prior to 2016, when the coupon is not there, cost of this license is only $49.99. With more functionality, the Paint Ex edition is available for advanced drawing. You have to pay $219 for this one. No matter which one of these two editions you choose, you can use the trial version of that first. Each of these products supports English, French and Spanish languages.

So having Clip Studio Paint coupon is the exclusive offer to get product at special price. So please get the promo for this paint tool and have the purchase.