ClickMeeting Promo Code, ClickWebinar Coupon Pricing 2016

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Coupon Details

Get 25% ClickMeeting and ClickWebinar discount on annual plan purchase. Just click above link, select annual instead of monthly and have the special price.

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ClickMeeting Promo Code

To increase the productivity of your business, you can use different types of tools. Just imagine one thing that how good that will be for your business if you can arrange online meetings very easily with your clients or partners! If you want to provide this facility to them, you can use the ClickMeeting which is very popular platform for any type of online meetings. It offers so many features which can attract you.

ClickMeeting Reviews and Coupon

Not only the audio conferences, but also the video conferences can be made with the help of the ClickMeeting. To arrange such conferences, you can use your mobile phone and any type of internet connection. This tool is completely independent on the browsers, so that it can work with any type of browsers. As it can be considered as one of the fastest platform for arranging online meetings, you will be able to complete different projects very quickly to boost up your businesses. By using the ClickMeeting, can create various meeting rooms related to different products of your company. So your customers and clients will feel very comfortable to be a part of the conferences or meetings. This tool will let you use various types of logos, styles and color schemes for different meeting rooms. By creating the waiting rooms, you can convince the customers more.

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ClickWebinar Features

It will not only help you to create different types of chat rooms or meeting rooms but also to take full control on each of those meeting rooms. You can rebrand the meeting rooms very easily depending on the products and services you offer. ClickWebinar will let you create the logos of your company or different products of your company to the meeting rooms. Very powerful statistical tools have been included in this platform and that is why you will be able to monitor the attendees of the webinars very easily. Even you will be able to know which types of devices are used by the attendees during the meeting.

It is important to say that there is ClickWebinar coupon as well as promo code price on the purchase.

After completing the meeting, the statistical tool of the ClickWebinar will provide you the summary of the meeting with all the necessary information. For example, this tool will let you know the number of attendees for each web conference graphically. It has the conference recording capability and it includes free mobile apps.

Superb Features and Pricing

This platform provides different types of features, though the license plans of it are available with reasonable prices. Without promo, normally ClickWebinar 50 is available with $40.00 per month and ClickWebinar 100 is available with $79.00 per month. The other plans are the ClickWebinar 500 and ClickWebinar 1000 and the price of these plans are $160.00 and $280.00 respectively prior to 2016 – 2017.

So have ClickMeeting promo code as well as ClickWebinar discount coupon on the purchase.