Changemyip Proxies and VPNs Review : Get a Cool Pricing

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It is not necessary and safe to use the IP address of own device during the time of browsing. Normally, the computer users of the world use different types of proxy servers as well as the virtual private networks for running websites and browsing through the internet. That is why many companies have been formed to provide the proxies and VPNs.

The Changemyip is one of the most popular companies which provide those servers. The main feature of the servers of this company is if you use those servers, then your IP address will not be shown anywhere. If you feel that you need to hide the IP address of your device then you can use the proxy servers or the VPNs of the Changemyip.


Why to Choose the Proxies and VPNs of Changemyip

When you will choose and server for using then you must consider the speed and performance of that server. If you choose any server which is not speedy all the time, then you will not get desired facilities for that server. In this case, Changemyip always offers such proxy servers which are and will be speedy all the time. The VPNs of this company will also show the similar speeds and performances. Changemyip provides two types of proxy servers such as the dedicated proxy server and the shared proxy server. These two types of servers of Changemyip are friendly with any type of browsers.

Features of the Servers of Changemyip

The VPNs offered by the Changemyip are also very powerful and friendly because you can use any type of operating system for using the VPNs of this company. Security of any VPN is very important. Changemyip always maintain highest security for the VPNs. Two features of the VPNs and the proxy servers of this company are the same.

One of those is the instant activation feature. That means after buying the license for any of these two types of servers, you will be able to use that instantly. Another common feature is the unlimited bandwidth. So you will be able to use the server without any tension.

Different Pricing and Datacenters Offered by This Company

The prices of the dedicated proxy, shared proxy and the virtual private network of the Changemyip are not so high and depend on the quantity of the servers. If you increase the quantity of your buying then you will get a cheaper unit price. One of the most attractive thing about the Changemyip company is it has a huge number of datacenters in different parts of the world.

Among the European countries, Changemyip has the datacenters to the France, Sweden, Netherlands and other countries. It has most number of datacenters in different regions of the USA. Among the other North American countries, it has the datacenters in Canada.