Centrora Security Coupon, Get Discount on Pricing

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Coupon Details

Get 15% discount on all subscription services with the link. Just copy the coupon code above, after clicking the button and apply on the checkout.

Centrora Security Coupon

If you are having any problem applying this Centrora Security coupon, please contact us.

Centrora Security – The Ultimate Security Management

As the owner of the website, it is very important to handle that nicely. For protecting the privacy as well as the contents, very strong security solution should also be used. The Centrora Security can be recommended for this purpose. This product can be used as the central protection management system. It has the capability to work against all types of hackers. Various features have been included in this product. One the other hand various subscription plans have made this product suitable for all types of users. Here we are discussing mainly about the coupon and Centrora Security discount for the products. Some the main points about this security solution are:

Stronger Malware Remover

For every website, there must be high number files to the web server. And those files should be protected very strongly. In doing so, the Centrora Security has very efficient anti-malware program. This malware detector program has the capability to fully scan each and every file. Any kind of security vulnerability can be detected by this program. After the detection of those, it will create proper reports. All the hacker attacks will be reported by this security management system. For blocking the spammers, it has very powerful anti-spammer tool. This service of Centrora Security can stop those.

Web Application Firewall

This is another impressive feature of this central security management system. There can be various IP firewall to the websites which are suspicious. Those should be handled very carefully. The Centrora Security has the capability to do so. To be fact, it will manage all the IP accesses. For blocking various types of attacks this product is efficient. Some directory traversal can contain various unsecured file names or contents. The Centrora Security has the file inclusion system to detect those very efficiently. So it can be considered as the all-in-one security solution for the websites.

Subscription Plans and Coupon Code

Among various plans the Centrora Security Premium Service can be considered first. For this service, you can choose any of the four plans. With the coupon, the price should be reduced by 15%. If not, then please feel free to contact with us. You can choose the monthly plan by $9.99 for the first month only. After that, monthly price of it will only be $7.49. By paying 49.99USD, you can get this for one year. Then the price for each year will be 37.49USD as per October 27, 2015. Half-yearly and quarter pricing plans of this service are also available. The Premium Service Subscription Suite ofCentrora Security is also available with four plans. The monthly and yearly costs for this service is only 29.99USD and 168.88USD respectively, without the coupons. Different versions of the Developer Package are also available. The 10 Licenses Pack of this product can be purchased by USD199.99. The 25 Licenses Package of this product can be enjoyed by USD368.88. Actually with these packages, you will get 10 and 25 more licenses respectively as a bonus.

So have Centrora Security coupon on the purchase and get the promo price as per the method mentioned.